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Are art and science bad friends?

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    i love to do creative things thats why i love science i love to ask myself questions and try to answer

    i also love to paint and sculpt, i love to try to capture thos microexprexions that render the soul of a person, here some of my work, what do you think?







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    Awesome! You are definitely an artist. Don't know about arts and science being bad friends. They usually couple those two together in colleges.
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    nice drawings, i like number 5 and 3 best. regarding art and science not being friends? well i have always had an interest in science, but never managed to spend the time studying / learning the language of science (math). my life has been quite sporadic, living in several countries and having to force "restart" my life several times. so i naturally found my way to art, where i could not only experiment with new things, but also as a means of expressing myself and connecting with this world. currently i make my own visual films to go with my techno/house music mixes (for berlin style clubs), and there is a lot of science that i play with there (fractals from video feedback, polarizering filters showing colours (stress points) of plastic being backlit by an lcd screen, creating various diffraction patterns from coloured lasers, etc). science is a boundary to the medium of art, while art can be pretty much "anything".
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    I have to say those are pretty nice, the fourth drawing from the top looks like the guy is thinking "why is this happening" lol
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    I think I wish I could draw as well as you!

    Personally, I think of art as a communication tool. It could be friendly to science if used for good and unfriendly if not.
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    I think they work well together. Art is about creativity, science is about creative problem solving. A lot of great scientists were also artists, in the olden days, certain fields required it. Take a look at Galileo's drawings of the moon, DeVinci's drawings of human anatomy... the amount of detail and precision is unreal for the time.

    Here's one of mine
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    In particular I like the colours a lot, there are so many "greens". What kind of technique did you use? As a layman I cannot see this from the photograph.
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    I paint by doing a base layer in my "black" which I think in this picture was actually Prussian blue. I draw all the major shapes with it. Then I used extremely thin paint to make many layers of semi-opaque paint. I place a piece of cardboard behind my canvas to soak up extra thinner so that the ultra thin paint doesn't erase what's already there. I did this one as a study in how to make subtle hues with a minimal palette. I think there is Prussian blue, sap green, cadmium yellow, and titanium white in there and nothing else.
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    Art and science aren't counterpoints to one another. It's perfectly possible and common to find scientists with artistic talent and artists with scientific hobbies. Often the two will meet, like when artists are inspired by the latest scientific/technological developments. Going the other way the simple skills of creating engaging and informative illustrations for papers is a great talent for a scientist to have IMO.
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    Some of most creative people I've ever met in academia were in the physics and math departments. Some of the most unimaginative and dull have been in the arts and music departments. At our annual math department picnic you usually see at least 2 guitars show up.
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    I know a lot of people who do artistic as well as science. I'm a PhD student in physics and I like to play music and I do art in various mediums. Below is a drawing of my friend's electric guitar and he is a PhD student in astronomy. I also know a lot of people in my department who play music. I also have a friend who works in making films and he knows quite a bit of science. Richard Feynman also did quite a bit of art.

    electric guitar.jpg
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    I like poetry as an art form, and I've writren a few about physics. Here's one of mine:


    The fabric of spacetime is woven from string
    Tiny vibrations from which particles spring
    John was right for in the beginning
    The Word is the sound of the Cosmos singing

    His divine energy is the source
    Of the fundamental force
    Which in a matter of course
    Gives rise to all four

    Gravity strong electric and weak
    Unified forces physicists seek
    General relativity explains gravity
    Quantum mechanics the other three

    Strings are the things
    That unite all four
    Into a cosmic symphony
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    i did this:

  16. Feb 4, 2017 #15
    i think art and science its the very same thing its just the fanatics who harm science holding dogmatic positions no open to discussion, like these guys:


    to make my point stronger and so you realize your no different than them i took the liberty in the last two hours to make these original pieces that ill be only be posting here making sure that if a dishonest action is taken them theyre forever lost to mankind

    the infinite room:


    and reaching forever and ever:

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    Art and Science are certainly not bad friends to each other.

    Leonardo Da Vinci!
    A statement or discussion from Neil De Grasse Tyson about his experience when studying Art! (Try an internet search).
    Some use of Perspective in the History of drawing-painting!
    The usefulness of Timing in music!

    EDIT: Rewording for clarity
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    thanks for the heads up , ill be checking that :)

    check this pic and tell me if your brain doesnt make click, like is the matrix?


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    can you explain reaching forever and ever? I don't understand it, thanks
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    Here is a brief article on Ramón y Cajal's neurobiological drawings and how they helped establish neurons as important functional units in the nervous system.
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    Here is the annual Biotechniques song contest (biologists rather than physicists (come on guys make a song contest!)) of mostly parodies of songs with science lyrics.

    I like this one best.
  22. Mar 7, 2017 #21

    Nice work
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    Twenty posts and no obligatory Feynman and the flower video?

  24. Nov 22, 2017 #23
    7-19-13 Casey as Model.jpg My science glow show.
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