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Are extra dimensions required be compacted?

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    The attached image file shows the extra dimensions might come from overlapping planes with different energy value. In this model the extra dimensions are very small at the point where they intersect at the parent universe event horizon at the Plank Level (10 Minue 39).

    This idea suggest the extra dimensions are very large/prehaps infinite where they do not intersect and might be where the "missing mass" or superpartners reside. This general line of thought comes from "Daughter Universe" concept which is being discussed online. If you cannot view the
    attached image it is also online:


    Thanks for any feedback

    Chris Walters

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    Is it not a matter of convenience and economy? How many dimensions [free floating coordinates are required to locate any object in the universe? 3+1 seems adequate to fix a single point. Add two more similarily fixed points and you can locate any object in the universe. So I see no need for more than six degrees of freedom in a three dimensional universe.
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    strings, branes and extra-dimensions are wonderful beasts in that they help us answer several big problems in physics, hopefully the LHC will give us some indication whether this picture is ultimately correct. regarding compactness of extra-dimensions, I guess it is a matter of "taste" these days, since both models involving compact and non-compact/infinite extra-dimensions exist.

    this is just another example of the endless possibilities.... and as some call it... a type of mathematical game we theorists like to play :smile:
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    But it is a very interesting game. Ironically, game theory may be our best and only hope of penetrating the veil of ignorance that shrouds modern science. We tend to presume the universe is governed by a timeless, inviolable set of rules, do we not? Perhaps that assumption is unfounded. Pioneer anomaly anyone?
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    Hi Chronos

    RE: your comment 03-13-2007 01:42 AM
    1 - Game Theory tends to treat dimensions as strategies which allows for more than just space-time 4D.
    For example, the curled-up string dimensions of Randall [large] and Arkani-Gamed [small] might be trajectory dimensions about virtual cylinders.

    2 - I have found what appears to be an evolution of Dynamic Noncooperative Game Theory, from a mathematical l'ecole de francaise, that might allow:
    a - notational modification of -oo and or +oo
    b - operators that might be able to deal with the UV problem
    c - allows for sources and sinks to be incorporated in graph techniques for nodes [vertices] and arcs [edges] through Petri nets
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