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Are my reasons to go for Masters wrong?

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    I am now in final semester of Mechanical Engineering and planning to do masters straightaway after my graduation. I do not have any plans of PhD in future but I mainly want to do masters (abroad) to:

    - Enter foreign (European) market
    - Gain a higher level understanding of things
    - Familiarize with new procedures and techniques in engineering
    - Would be hard to go for studies after 2,3 years of work

    I do not have any problem with being an entry level professional after MS and being paid same as an undergrad. But in long run, am I doing the right thing or I should take a break before I go for masters.

    I am targetting German universities for masters mainly believing Germany has opportunities for mechanical engineers due to its industrial activities.
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    Only you can truly answer the question but to me your reasoning to continue your education to make you stand out from the crowd is sound.
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    Get your masters, your in the zone!!
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    Sounds like a man with a good plan.

    I wouldn't dismiss other European countries 'out of hand' though. For instance, France is definitely the place for Nuclear, and the UK is strong in aerospace...
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    Thanks all of you for your replies.

    To me Germany appears more student friendly as their tuition fees are negligible. Living expenses are an issue but I hope to land some minor job to support them as well. France's ParisTech uni seems good in its courses too but I guess despite the programs being in English, knowledge of French before starting studies is must.

    UK appealed to me a lot but its too expensive for me unfortunately.
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