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Are the Physics exams in Uni long or short?

  1. Jun 25, 2015 #1
    I'm asking because I'm slow when it comes to mathematics in Physics exams , and I was wondering if Universities cater for people who are slow thinkers by making Physics exams longer than high school exams?
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    It obviously depends on the university and the country, but all the final physics exams I sat were 3 hours. However, it's not to cater for slow thinkers, but because there is a lot of content as well. Most students would work hard for the full 3 hours. If you have a diagnosed learning disability, you can get special consideration, which may take the form of more time for the exam.
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    Here in the US most exams are an hour or an hour and a half long, depending on how long the class normally is. Final exams are usually three hours at most universities I think. However there are exceptions, for instance my first semester of E&M we had exams from 8pm-midnight on Mondays. *shudders*

    Anyway, like e.bar.goum said, if you have a diagnosed learning disability you can get an exception from the school usually to have longer exam sessions. Otherwise, physics exams are not only to test your knowledge of the material, but your proficiency at doing the physics and math, so speed has to be taken into account.
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    My experience (in the US) has been that exams are typically between 1-1.5 hours. Most students will utilize the entire allowed length of time. Final exams are typically longer.
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