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Ugni molinae, commonly known as Chilean guava, or strawberry myrtle, is a shrub native to Chile and adjacent regions of southern Argentina. The local Spanish name is murta, and the Mapuche Native American name is "Uñi" or Uñiberry. It is in the same botanical family as the guava.
The fruit is sometimes marketed as "Ugniberry", as "New Zealand cranberry" in New Zealand, and the name "Tazziberry" has been trademarked in Australia, but it is not a native plant to these countries.

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  1. J

    I Surface Absorptance Without Radiant Emittance

    how can I go about finding the surface absorptance of a material if I'm not given the radiant emittance of the non- black body?
  2. ValenceElectron

    Schools Transfering From a Community College to a Uni

    I want to become an astrophysicist, but I don't have enough money to attend a 4-year college once I graduate (may 2024) so my dad said that I should plan on going to a community college and then transfering to a university. Will I still be able to become a physicist if I go to community...
  3. shivajikobardan

    I wasted 3 years of my uni life on unproductive and useless things

    https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/regret-induced-jealousy-how-to-deal-with-this.1011135/#post-6586239 I made a post this few days ago but I believe this is different than that post. How do I get over this? I wasted time trying to make online income, creating blogs. I didn't realize full...
  4. mike_the_tosh

    Mature Age Student entering Uni - Maths Question

    Hi all, First time posting. Thanks in Advance for the guidance provided. I am entering Uni to change careers. I have worked in IT and Software development industry for 20+ years. I have a desire to enter into Engineering - Electronics. I am enrolled to undertake a Engineering Sciences degree...
  5. T

    Is there a simple injection from B to A using tangent function?

    So I don't really have any goods ideas on how to try and solve this. I only know that using tangent function is supposedly a good idea.
  6. L

    Courses Uni course and Degrees confusion: BEng, BSc

    Hi Im current in last year of HND mechanical (100% distinction so far) and have HNC in general engineering (100% distinction). Im better at the research and piratical bad at exams (diffucult reading and writing and slow comperhention skills and expression using writting what i want to...
  7. FlyingPhysicist

    Schools I'm forced to take a gap before uni, how will it affect me?

    Hi. I am an 18-year-old guy who graduated HS last July with an average of 88%. I studied AP Physics C, AP Calculus AB and took a uni-level class in Energy physics, among other science and engineering related courses like Java programming, Autocad and Inventor. I Also worked with my country's...
  8. Eli Puerto

    Schools Help in Uni choice (Philippines)

    So application season is ongoing, and entrance test season is upcoming in September. I'm just having a bit of trouble choosing from the three: Ateneo de Manila University De La Salle University University of the Philippines Which school from the Philippines is the most credible in terms of...
  9. MichaelJT

    Admissions 2:2 from UK Uni, Masters in my future?

    This year 18/19 I will be graduating in December/January with a 2:2 in Physics from QUB in NI. I would absolutely love to have further research/academia in my future physics career. I would like some advice from a UK or ROI based masters students (preferably on the island of Ireland) or anyone...
  10. V

    Programs Cosmology and quantum mechanics as a joint degree?

    Is it possible for me to do cosmology and quantum mechanics as a joint degree at uni? If so where and does it cost extra? I’ve been wondering for a whole and I’m not sure where to look.
  11. starstruck_

    How to prepare for uni computer science

    Hey! So, I'm starting university this year, going in for a BSc. Physics and Astronomy, and one of my first year courses is computer science for the physical sciences. I do have some coding experience but it's very minimal with html and and Visual Basic, not very good languages. I did well in...
  12. J

    Courses How stressful will 18 credit hours in Physics be at Uni?

    The classes include: Electricity and Magnetism 2, Intro Modern Physics, Intro Theoretical Physics, Optics Lab, Intro to Solid State Physics. I will have a good amount of experience in E&M as well as Theoretical Physics. This will be for my second semester of 3rd year going for a B.S. in physics...
  13. N

    Other Going to Uni for astrophysics but I'm kind of scared

    Hi! So, I made into all the unis I applied to, for astrophysics and astronomy, ended up choosing the one not as well ranked only because I made it into their concurrent education program with astrophysics, chose a professional program over a Bsc here. I'm scared, I love astronomy and physics but...
  14. ccaatt

    Courses Do I need Physics and Calculus in HS for uni?

    I am very clueless when it comes to prepping for university and things like that, and as a grade 11 going into grade 12 soon, I unfortunately have to figure it out one day or another. So, I have a few quick questions, would I need Physics 30 or Calculus/Math 31 in order to become a family...
  15. D

    Engineering Career path for particle accelerator engineering?

    I'm currently in year 12 (studying IB with hl physics, maths and chemistry) in the UK and am starting to look at uni courses. For a few years now I have been absolutely fascinated by the particle physics/quantum side of physics. At the movement I would love to work in research in this sort of...
  16. E

    Standard corrections to GFE for uni and bi molecular rxns

    Hello everyone. I have a weird question regarding the calculation of free energy changes in a multi-step mechanism. Now, if you have a bunch of calculated free energies in gas phase at 1 atm (say, from an electronic structure program) and you want to model in solvent, you need to get them in a...
  17. M

    MATLAB Need help on constants for Matlab nuke sim for uni project

    Hey guys, I am currently working on a uni MATLAB group project for blast radius, thermal radius etc. Apparently these formula are the best possible to use: r_thermal = Y^0.41 * constant_th r_blast = Y^0.33 * constant_bl r_radiation = Y^0.19 * constant_rad But can anybody tell me what...
  18. T

    Particle physics basic concept from Standford Uni help

    Let's start with a vacuum, I will write |0000...> as |0>. $$ \psi^+ (x) |0\rangle = \sum_k e^{-ikx} a^+ (k) |0\rangle $$ Qns: What happens if you superpose/add up state vectors corresponding to a particle of momentum k and you add up with coefficient e-ikx? $$ \sum_k e^{-ikx} a^+ (k) |0\rangle...
  19. I

    Distance Learning HNC at Teesside Uni - Connecting Students

    Hi. Anyone here doing the distance learning hnc at teesside uni.
  20. J

    [Physics 2 w/calc Uni] Cylinder inside of a cylindrical shell

    Figure (a) shows a narrow charged solid cylinder that is coaxial with a larger charged cylindrical shell. Both are nonconducting and thin and have uniform surface charge densities on their outer surfaces. Figure (b) gives the radial component E of the electric field versus radial distance r from...
  21. A

    Going to the best ranked uni no longer makes sense?

    In high school, everyone and I tried to get admission into the best college we could. But then I realized that this doesn't make much sense. For example, if someone got into a reach school, and did so by luck (their GPA and SAT is lower than the average admitted student there), then when they...
  22. Tibbz

    Just finished my A Levels, maths study advice before uni?

    Hi everyone, So I'm currently in the middle of my summer holiday (waiting for A Level results) and I'm getting pretty bored of not knowing what to do. (I have contacted some charities for volunteer work but still waiting to hear, anyway that's beside the point) At A Level I studied Maths (Core...
  23. T

    Are the Physics exams in Uni long or short?

    I'm asking because I'm slow when it comes to mathematics in Physics exams , and I was wondering if Universities cater for people who are slow thinkers by making Physics exams longer than high school exams?
  24. E

    Show ##\{nx^{n}(1-x)\}_{n = 0}^{\infty}## converges uni

    Homework Statement show ##\{nx^{n}(1-x)\}## converges uni on [0,1] Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Note, that ##\sum nx^n(1-x)## converges uni on [0,1] by Abels' Theorem. Therefore the series follows the cauchy criterion, ##\forall \epsilon > 0##, ##\exists N > 0 ## such that...
  25. Corpuscule

    Is it a good idea to do a uni postdoc without publishing?

    Some university research groups offer postdoctoral positions sponsored by industry and focused on industrial R&D. That means mostly technical work and little-to-no publishing. Also such positions often don't have strict time limits, allowing postdocs to stay as long as this arrangement remains...
  26. R

    Civil vs Mechanical vs Computing

    There are probably numerous threads like this, I have read them all but I'm still undecided. I am a high school senior and applying to UK universities - I have applied to more than one subject (three, actually: civil, mechanical engineering and computing, all from Imperial College) and received...
  27. J

    Stone being tossed from mountain Uni Physics with Calc

    Homework Statement A stone is thrown horizontally from the top of a 20-m high hill. It strikes the ground at an angle of 45◦ . With what speed was it thrown? Homework Equations g=9.8 projectile motion is symmetric The Attempt at a Solution I got the answer 277.539 by treating this is a...
  28. K

    Schools Going to college before uni for engineering?

    Hey guys, I'm a senior in high school and I recently finished all my university applications, all of which revolve around computer/electrical engineering and computer science. While I plan on going to university and then possibly grad school, I keep hearing however that it would be a great...
  29. C

    How Do You Calculate Phase Difference in a Traveling Harmonic Wave?

    Homework Statement A traveling harmonic wave has a frequency of 10Hz and a speed of 200ms-1. Calculate the phase difference at a given instant at two positions which are 3m
  30. G

    Schools I've done high school twice,which marks to mention in Uni application?

    heyy im from delhi, india. i completed my 12th grade 2 years ago with science subjects and scored 44% overall. to improve my marks, i did my 12th grade again by giving 'improvement examinations' (improvement examinations are normal 12th grade/high school final exams that take place every...
  31. Last chance U

    I'm failing my prepratory year. (This year is used to get into Uni)

    Hey guys, here's what's happening. I am currently failing my 1 year program which will get me into university. I am interested in studying one of the hard sciences (physics or math). In this program we have 2 semesters. We are done the first half of the first semester. Here are my marks...
  32. J

    Understanding Stress Variations in a Uni Axial Bar

    Hi all, I have a very basic question regarding the topic of stress.While deriving the equations of equilibrium for a plane element,there is a concept called incremental stress.That is,if stress in the x direction for one face is σx the stress in the opposite face is σx + (δσx/δx)*dx. Where the...
  33. R

    How to mange time to self learn extra subs along with uni courses?

    I am an electrical engineering student. My university is not that great and the EE program is not that great either, I don't even like the subject. . I just took the best opportunity I got in my country.. Anyways, I wish to pursue higher studies abroad after graduation and I will definitely...
  34. 4

    Is there always the same amount of spacetime curvature in the uni.?

    Is there always the same "amount" of spacetime curvature in the uni.? Universe is what I meant by uni. Okay, if matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, and since they are what causes spacetime to curve, does that mean there will always be the same amount of spacetime curvature...
  35. A

    Schools Doing badly in high school but want to go to uni for science

    Doing badly in high school but want to go to uni for science :( Well, maybe I'm not doing TOO badly. You see, I am in the IB program, which is a rigirous high school program designed to simulate university. In this program, our final marks are basically determined by our exams, since our exams...
  36. J

    Schools Will grad school look at your GPA differently than your undergrad uni?

    At my university, they calculate gpa without the +- system. So if i got 90s (A-) in all of my classes i would have a 4.0. In general, when applying to grad school, will they look at the gpa my university says i have or will some of them calculate it to be a 3.6?
  37. U

    Hate uni, really considering dropping it

    I think for the first time in my life I am feeling really exhausted and slightly depressed. I'm studying computer science and I'm in my second year and I just feel completely exhausted and constantely tired. I am really not enjoying my subjects and it just feels like a chore to learn...
  38. K

    Cannot start Uni for 4 years what can I do to prepare?

    Hello, so due to my job contract I cannot return to college for 4 years. I only graduated with a 2 year degree in business and want to go back to do an engineering degree. The highest math I have completed is trig but that was years ago I am 25 now. So now I am on my path to return to school for...
  39. N

    Courses Uni course- Biophysical Chemistry, or Physical chemistry

    Uh, my program is Biotechnology/biochem (might change it). I can take a "Biophysical chemistry"or a "physical chemistry" mind you, I am strugging to even pas year one physics i hate it and it sucks. So I really want something with not as much math. Does anyone know if biophysicalchem has less...
  40. P

    MATLAB Download MATLAB for Free - Before Uni Starts

    How can I download MATLAB for free? Uni starts soon and I want to get the program before that. Can you help me please? Thanks :)
  41. A

    How do some get into research at Uni?

    Hey everyone! I was watching this TED talk video on youtube about a new form of battery [ LINK ] and other than all the marvel of the new invention, I was really struck by the fact that they had undergrads within their team. As for me, the only thing I've ever really enjoyed doing was...
  42. C

    Online Website suggestions - First Year Uni Student NEED HELP

    Hey I am a first year at Auckland Uni studying Physics. Does anyone have any good websites where i may find interactive resources and information to help me with my first module which is about... Curvilinear Motion - motion without rotation Units and dimensions. Dimensional analysis. Scalars...
  43. A

    Tuition fees and living cost for Uni is too expensive

    Hello, I am a high school student from Canada My parents are apparently not helping me pay my school tuition next year. I am kind of scared because I know that physics major unlike engineering or actuarial science, you need to study for a longer period. I calculated my fees for undergrad 4...
  44. S

    Programs Paying for a self funded PhD in the UK working for the uni.

    Hello, This is a bit of a random question, but I thought I would ask it here. I am interested in doing a PhD in engineering in the UK. However, of course, funding is extremely difficult to come by. I was having a conversation with a friend who said that her cousin paid for his by working...
  45. D

    Admissions Applying to uni [Undergrad] - How?

    Hi. So I'm in my final year of high school in India. In a couple of months i'll be applying to universities in the US. I have a strong interest in Physics. However, I'm worried that I wasn't outgoing enough in my school and didn't win a lot of 'awards'. Also, I don't have a talent apart...
  46. M

    Physics A-Levels for Theoretical Physics: Maths, Physics, Computing?

    I'm doing Physics, Maths and Further Maths for A Levels. I'm planning on doing Theoretical Physics in University. I had A* in Maths and A in Physics for GCSE's. I'm wondering if I should choose another subject? If so, what? Would computing be a good idea?
  47. H

    Advice for a high school student moving on to uni next year

    hi Just as the title say, please give me good advice Because I feel really stupid to want to become a theoretical physicist when my parents want me to become doctor I am not from a rich family but I really love math and physics all this summer I have been studying first year university...
  48. I

    Courses Getting into a UK uni via an Access Course

    Hi guys - I was hoping that someone maybe had some experience or knowledge about using an access course as a way of getting into uni to study physics. I'm hoping to get into Swansea Uni in the next two years, and have already spoken to the admissions department. As expected - the focus is very...
  49. C

    Schools Is there a connection between aptitude for high school math and university math?

    Hello PhysicsForums, My previous posts here do a rather good job at illustrating my indecisiveness. Here's some background: I started uni in the fall of 2010. After applying to maths programs at many Canadian universities, and Economics at Norwegian ones, my choice fell on Economics at the...
  50. A

    Uni for undergrad physics - does it matter which?

    The first one seems more industry focused whilst the second focuses on research. Here are the course outlines: 1 Sem 1 - Physics Sem 2 - Calculus 1, Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Thermodynamics Sem 3 - Calculus 2, Materials and Thermal Physics, Optics and Radiation Physics Sem 4 -...