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Are the predoctoral research positions available for physics majors?

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    I currently attend community college and i am majoring in physics with a concentration in astronomy and educational physics. I just want to know if i will be able to qualify for any predoctoral research positions once i get my bachelors in science that way i can get working experience in while im in grad school.
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    Graduate school is a lot more work than a full time job, and will provide plenty of working experience.
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    I know but i gotta pay the rent somehow D:
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    If you are in a phd program (not a masters) they will pay you to be a teaching assistant or research assistant, while giving you free tuition. The pay is usually around 15k for the 9 month academic year, and you only work 10-20 hours a week. Some schools actually require you to be a TA for a certain amount of time.
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    You can also apply for fellowships that will fund your time at grad school. Besides paying for tuition they also include a ~$30k/year stipend.
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