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Are time flow equally in universe?

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    Hello, Chitose wonder chick again.

    First... I wonder are forum is rollback? I post this question before, and its disappear. My previous question reply are drop from 12 to 9 as well

    ...well... whatever...

    back to topic

    Assume that we are observer that can stand still and look any where in universe, so we not effect by time dilation.

    Are time flow equally in universe? (example: near center of big bang and edge of edge of universe)


    English is not my native language, forgive me If I'm wrong in grammar or spelling.
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    Yes. Server problems. Posts were lost.

    There is no centre; there is no edge. All places in the universe were part of the BB, so all places are the centre.

    Time is experienced locally; there's just no way to measure it independently or over large distances.
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    I think of myself as an observer and I am always at rest relative to myself, I can look any where in the universe within my line of sight, and I am not affected by time dilation, it is everywhere else that will be dilated relative to me. If there is a "flow" of time I think of it as a outward motion at c relative to every point with a center connection to our past that we think of as big bang, with the flow equal for every observer.
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    So time doesn't exist in a static universe?!?!
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    Where is a static universe? Space and time are tools we use to describe the matter we see into the motion of matter we feel. If it occupies 3d euclidean space it exists in time and if it moves in space it is continuous in time, yet to exist in 3d space you must be dilating in time which makes me think that matter is but a relative sphere of time filled with the outward motion of energy. I fail to see that there is anything static except as a slice of time which we can not capture except for in the mind.
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    The 'time' you observe only holds true at your position in the universe. The rest of the universe has already moved on in time 'now' - i.e., it is only an illusion. If you could somehow move instantaneously to one of the distant points of light in the night sky, you would become accutely aware that spacetime is not fixed.
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    Really... hmm...

    But I do heard about flow of time can be influence by major gravity?

    You know, when Mr.A get nere black hole and hold the clock, Mr.B who stay far away will see Mr.A's clock move slower, but Mr.A himself will see his clock move normal but see Mr.B's clock move faster instead??

    Dose that mean flow of time can be messure some how?

    Some theory says that center of galaxy is giantic Black hole, Dose that mean time flow in Space near center of galaxy, and time flow at edge of galaxy are flow different?
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    Who claimed that there was a static universe? That statement was simply a counterpoint, which you missed, to your earlier comment.
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