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Flow (stylized as flOw) is an independent video game created by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark. Originally released as a free Flash game in 2006 to accompany Chen's master's thesis, it was reworked into a 2007 PlayStation 3 game by his development studio, Thatgamecompany. SuperVillain Studios developed a PlayStation Portable version of the game in 2008, and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions in 2013. In Flow, the player navigates a series of two-dimensional (2D) planes with an aquatic microorganism that evolves by consuming other microorganisms. The game's design is based on Chen's research into dynamic difficulty adjustment at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division, and on psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's theoretical concept of mental immersion or flow.
The Flash version of Flow received 100,000 downloads within its first two weeks of release, and had been played over 3.5 million times by 2008. Its PlayStation 3 re-release was the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Network in 2007 and won the Best Downloadable Game award at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards. It was nominated for awards by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). Reviewers praised Flow's visual and audio appeal, but noted the simplicity of its gameplay; several considered it to be more of an art piece than a game.

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  1. SpaceDuck127

    Derivation of a Simplified D'Arcy's Law Equation

    By substituting the darcy-weisbach equation into darcy’s law we get q = -kf/µL * (L/D) * (𝜌V^2/2) This can be further simplified by substituting the equation for friction factor for laminar flow, f = 64/Re , with the equation for reynolds number, Re = ρVD/µ substituted in such that: q =...
  2. E

    Density of Flow Along a Tube Under the Action of Advancing Piston

    I'm trying to figure out how describe the mass of air between the piston face and the und of the tube ( position ##o##) in the acompanying diagram. At ##t = 0##, the mass of air in the tube is ##M_o##, and the system is static with tube length ##l##. The ##x## coordinate describes how far...
  3. mahdis

    Fluid flow rates in straight vs coiled tubes

    If you have 2 pipes of the same cross sectional area, same volume of fluid, and same length, the only difference is one pipe is coiled several times over a cylindrical object theoretically shortening the length of the pipe, while the other is a straight pipe. Will the flow rate be same in both...
  4. T

    B Understanding air flow and resistance

    In a recent thread, I thought I understood what was going on but alas, I am still confused. So I offer this diagram and ask for more help please. Shown is an aircraft holding pattern. The one on the left is flown in still air. The one on the right is flown with a wind coming from the...
  5. gamecult

    Bernoulli equation for calculation of water flow

    Hello everyone; Please need some help to check if my calculation are correct (and if possible some explantation) Bernoulli's equation between point 1 and 3 is given by: P_1+1/2 ρv_1^2 + ρgh_1 = P_3+1/2 ρv_3^2 + ρgh_3 P_1 = P_(atm ) v_1= 0 m/s h_1= 0.875 m P_3 = P_(atm ) v_3= ? m/s h_3= 0...
  6. S

    Condensate flow and mold in mini-split ductless AC indoor unit

    My AC has begun to emit a rather foul smell, which has led me to geek out on the inner workings of its indoor section. For example, how does the condensed moisture make its way to the drain pan? I am assuming that the condensation happens on the fins of the evaporator. But in that case, what...
  7. L

    Calculating flow rate when emptying liquid from a closed-top tank

    I can imagine the experiment: the pressure at the surface will drop while the tank is emptying (if no air bubbles enter through the evacuation of course, otherwise it restores the pressure atm at the surface). The flow speed decreases as a function of time until the external pressure maintains a...
  8. S

    A Conservation Laws from Continuity Equations in Fluid Flow

    Consider a fluid flow with density ##\rho=\rho(t,x)## and velocity vector ##v=v(t,x)##. Assume it satisfies the continuity equation $$ \partial_t \rho + \nabla \cdot (\rho v) = 0. $$ We now that, by Reynolds Transport Theorem (RTT), this implies that the total mass is conserved $$...
  9. C

    Poiseuille equation for water flow rate

    For this problem, The mains water pressure at the council tubby (just before it enters a house) is of the order of 1.5 bar. Using Poiseuille equation, estimate the flow rate in a typical home at the kitchen tap. You will need to make reasonable estimates on several parameters, clearly state...
  10. Cringle

    Downdraft table -blocking off part of table surface to increase flow?

    Hello everyone. First post! I am struggling to understand an issue in our (histology) lab. We use large downdraft tables which extract the noxious substances we use, mainly formaldehyde, while we process surgical samples. These tables have a steel cover with lots of holes about 5mm diameter...
  11. E

    I Schutz and the Hubble Flow

    In the last chapter of Schutz devoted to Cosmology, Schutz writes So it seems that in 1985 it was assumed as obvious that the recession speed could not exceed ##c##. The consensus seems to have swiftly changed. When did that happen? Was it debated at all?
  12. huangdaiyu

    A Steady state confined flow field: Is it cyclic?

    For a fluid that is confined to a finite region with no sources and sinks, are the only options for the flow field a) static, and b) cyclic? The example I have in mind is Rayleigh convection in a shallow dish heated from below, where convection cells are formed beyond a certain temperature...
  13. C

    Why Water Won't Flow From Faucet with 2000 Pa Pressure?

    Picture below can someone please explain me why will the water come out of faucet with the pressure of 2000 Pa? I was expecting the answer to be "water will not come out thrugh the faucet because the pressure from the barrel is not strong enough to overcome the height of the pipe" since...
  14. S

    Possible to create laminar flow in fast moving air?

    Is it possible to create (nearly?) laminar flow in a tube with rectangular C.S. , around 1 cm X 5 cm , with air moving at around 100 to 150 m/sec? Turbulence will likely set in sooner or later, but can the laminar flow be made to last over say 20 cm?
  15. C

    B Knudsen Flow: High School Student Q&A

    I am a high school student trying to carry out an experiment about fluid. Thus I am studying Knudsen flow and come up with following questions. 1. How can a Knudsen flow occurs? 2. Can I simply dig a small hole on a board and make Knudsen flow? 3. What the difference between viscous flow...
  16. S

    Engineering Fluid dynamics problem involving the Prandtl boundary layer equation for a two dimensional steady laminar flow

    I have tried to approach in the following way I am stuck. How should I approach this next.please help
  17. T

    What is the better way to create less turbulent flow with a blower?

    I want to start with two scenarios and both contains a blower and a tunnel fitting for the blower and both have almost the same diameter. The tunnel has s little higher so that the blower can be fitted inside. In the first scenario, the blower is fitted at the end of the tunnel i.e. the flow...
  18. URIA

    A Hydrodynamic stability- Rayleigh equation - Couette flow

    Folks, I'm trying to formulate the stability problem in the incompressible inviscid limit and find the dispersion relation in the Couette flow regime. As shown, the 2 infinite plates move one against the other, unlike the "standard" case where one plate is static and the second moves. I'm trying...
  19. S

    Battery circuit current flow when charging

    I would like to know when a alternator is charging a battery is the current flow a series opposing circuit......?
  20. S

    I Hubble flow kinetic energy into other types of energy?

    Spacetime expands at an accelerated rate and the particles with movement associated to this expansion are coupled to the Hubble flow. In many papers that I've read, objects coupled to the Hubble flow are treated as if they have some velocity and kinetic energy associated with it. However, can...
  21. T

    Flow in and out of hydraulic motor

    Hey all, It is possible I am over complicating this, but is the flow in and out of a hydraulic motor with an electrical load the same? Assuming no losses. Scenario is a hydraulic piston (moving by some external force), driving a bi-directional hydraulic motor which itself is driving an electric...
  22. shivajikobardan

    JavaScript How does props program flow work in react js?

    App.js: import React from 'react' import Helloworld from './components/HelloWorld'; import Users from "./components/Users"; const App = () => { return ( <div> <h1>List of Users</h1> <Users name="Zino Emi" job="Developer" /> <Users name="Lionel Messi" job="Web Developer"...
  23. J

    Calculating Output Pressure for 15L N2/min

    Hello, i’m not good in physics so I came here for help. I have a high pressured gas tank (200 bars) and a flow rate regulator. I need to release 15L of nitrogen per minute, but my regulator only measures output pressure between 0 and 400 bars (0 - 6000 psi). How do I measure the output pressure...
  24. shivajikobardan

    How does this Promise program flow work in javascript?

    Promises syntax that I learnt: let p = new Promise(function (resolve, reject) { let x = 20, y = 20; if (x == y) { resolve(); } else { reject(); } }) p.then(function () { console.log("that's correct"); }) .catch(function () { console.log("that's not correct")...
  25. K

    Engineering Flow through hinged hatch on inclined wall

    So far I have only been able to come up with an equation for the flow (Q) using the orifice equation through the inclined area and thus not dependent on the angle. Can someone help me with an expression for this?
  26. tracker890 Source h

    Question about source flow rate across line AB.

    Q:Please hlep me to understand which ans is correct. To determine the flow rate in Line AB. $$\mathrm{Known}:V_A,q,r_A = constant.$$ so/ select:## A,{B}^{\text{'}},B,A,## is control volume $${Q}_{AB}={Q}_{A{B}^{\text{'}}}=\iint _{A}^{}({V}_{A})dA={\int }_{{\theta }_{A}}^{{\theta...
  27. tracker890 Source h

    Question about flow rate in the source flow

    Please help me to understand what wrong with method 2. ref.Flowrate Between Streamlines (Thank you for your time and consideration.)
  28. jackkk_gatz

    Volumetric flow of a overflowing cone

    I solved the case where m=0.99999. Then the height at which it overflows can be obtained with the equation, when points on the liquid surface are chosen. Then the cross-sectional area is given by the circumference of the circle times the height that the parabola reaches, that cross-sectional...
  29. A

    I Fluid flow through a pin-hole of x diameter in a closed container

    Greetings, I've come across lots of exercises regarding Bernoulli's equation. However, never seen one where the top of the vessel is closed, and fluid flow exists via gas (air) going in. Has this problem been studied in the past? Assume a cylindrical vessel filled to the maximum with a D-sized...
  30. samy4408

    I About Bernoulli's equation for fluid flow

    Hello, I am currently studiying Bernoulli's equation and I have trubble understanding something , say we have a horizontal hose (no change in altitude of pressure ) Bernoulli's equation state that an ideal fluid can flow thought the hose with the same velocity , does an ideal fluid need a...
  31. B

    I Flow rate calculation of coating application

    Dear all, I'm currently working on a basic coating application and I'm struggling to get the flow rate stable. I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the theoretical flow rate in the application. The coating is stored in a pressure tank, which we put on an overpressure of 15psi. From the...
  32. A

    I Drag equation - relative flow velocity

    Hello! I have a question about aerodynamic drag. It sounds simple but when trying to understand why the relative velocity can be used in calculations I have some trouble. The formula is 0.5*rho*u2*cd*A where u is the relative velocity between the object and the fluid. The cd value depends on the...
  33. RealityMechanics

    Determining Reverse Mass Flow Rate Formula for Multiple Diameter Tubes

    Alright, this is more of a conceptual question than a HW question that will nonetheless help me design something. In the attached image, air is flowing through a large area tube and then a small area tube from right to left. A collaborator previously figured out the equation for measuring the...
  34. FebinThomas

    I Regarding when to consider both laminar and turbulent flow

    Hello,i am just a college student who has a little confusion on when to consider both laminar and turbulent flow -say over a flat plate,should i assume turbulent flow all over the plate and use the related equations(nusselt number) or use the laminar and turbulent equation(Nusslet number) but if...
  35. M

    A Confusion of the scale of contact line dynamics and capillary flow

    I'm having some trouble getting my head around the scale at which capillary flow and contact line dynamics are important. In the simple case of liquid rise in a capillary tube, a smaller tube will allow for greater rise since a larger height is required to achieve an equal weight of the liquid...
  36. J

    Water flow thru 18" corrugated culvert

    Attached formula can't figure out. H is 12 inches, Q is what I want to know, L is 40 feet, D is 18 inches, A I assume is area of 18 inches, g have no clue what this is. The Culver is 18" X 40 foot long coragated with water 1 foot over inlet and water on outlet 2" lower than culvert and the...
  37. Salmone

    I Can current flow in an open circuit?

    I have two related but separated questions: 1. If I have an open circuit connected to a battery, let's say an alkaline battery connected to a straight wire and nothing more, once I connect the battery to this wire there will be for a short time a current in the wire? Since in the battery due to...
  38. A

    I Destat Apparatus - Exploring The Physics Behind It

    I hope you all have a wonderful day, Some time ago, I bought a device that is supposed to eliminate static charge on my vinyl records (which aids to the overall sound quality). I was sitting on the couch and having a deep thought, as me myself have no professional background in physics, I...
  39. I

    I Average gas flow of a syringe

    Hi, I tried looking for similar topics but nothing really solved my problem. How can I calculate the average gas flow on a syringe that was compressed over time, if the starting and ending pressure and volume are known? I am guessing there must be an equation which can relate these variables...
  40. V

    Do electrons flow through a battery or is it something else?

    This is a confusing question. I am not sure if electrons flow through the battery from positive terminal to negative terminal against the electric field within the battery; or the electrons deposit on positive plate resulting in a chemical reaction that releases electrons at the negative plate...
  41. imagine2014

    Calculating Flow From Tank to Impeller

    Wondering if someone can help me with the following. If I have a sewage pump drawing wastewater from a tank, but there is a small distance between the invert to the impeller and the suction line, how much flow will enter through the opening, versus from the suction line. Can anyone explain in...
  42. A

    Inconsistent flow rate measurements of an engine diesel fuel

    I am measuring the volumetric flow rate of a diesel fuel using "Turbines" flow meter, both in the supply and return fuel lines of an industrial diesel engine (https://www.cat.com/en_US/products/new/power-systems/industrial/industrial-diesel-engines/18398034.html – coupled with a generator for...
  43. Y

    Heat circle -- Calculating the air flow needed across a condenser

    Hi! I need to calculate what air flow needs to flow across the condenser so that the heat emitted from the condenser is directed to the air. dT=10÷15 [C] COP =~3 According to the manufacturer's data the fan airflow is 0.67 [m^3/sec] and i need to check if i can use it. thanks
  44. G

    Air Flow / Fan Placement?

    I have two identical fans to cool electronics within an enclosure. From the two drawings/options, which option offers the most airflow? Thank you.
  45. A

    I Molten metal flow due to high currents

    It is mentioned in the book "Ampere-Neumann Electrodynamics of Metals", Peter Graneau, that Carl Hering in 1923 operated furnaces by passing high current through the molten metal pool. He observed molten metal flow due to the currents. How is the conductor motion explained?
  46. Teru123

    Heat Flow in a Pipe with integrated Sensor

    Hello, I have the following problem and hope you can help me. I have the setup as shown in the drawing. A pipe that is flowed through, and in the middle of it another pipe, but at the end of this branch is a sensor. Initially the fluid would flow, with a temperature of 25°C. If my thought is...
  47. C

    I Reynolds Number and Turbulence: Why Does Increasing Density Affect Flow?

    hi. I have a question regarding rheology. the Reynolds number increases when density of a fluid increases. so the flow becomes more turbulent. but I wonder why it is that the flow becomes more turbulent when density increases. why is that?
  48. L

    Best fan placement for optimal air flow

    I'm building a fume extractor for my workbench. I would like to hear your thoughts on the best placement for a fan so I get the maximal suction/airflow. I made a sketch with the general dimensions. The fan could be either in the A position before the filter or in the B position after the...
  49. P

    Bernoulli equation / fluid flow / finding height

    Hi, everyone! Doing some fluid flow/Bernoulli tasks. Ok, so the task is: «A hose with a radius of 0,035m is connected to a nozzle, which reduces the radius of the hose to 0,018m (2). The hose carries (qv) 0,0075 m3/sec and the totalpressure (3) in the wide section (1) is 211 kPA. The density of...
  50. C

    Question about flow from a nitrogen bottle

    I need to know how long a nitrogen bottle will flow for. It is 2.2 Litres 110Bar. I want it to flow at around 1 litre per minute to do an experiment. How long will it last? Sorry if this is a really dumb question.