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Homework Help: Area Under The Graph (Quick Question)

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    So I have a velocity-time graph and I need to calculate the area under it. I guess the "shape" made is a triangle so the formula would be 0.5 x b x h. But what exactly is the area under the graph supposed to represent? Does it have anything to do with position?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If the function of you graphic is f(x), the area is:

    [tex]A=\int f(x) dx[/tex]

    If f(x)=mx +b :

    [tex]A=\int (mx +b)dx[/tex]

    [tex]A= \frac{1}{2}mx^2+bx[/tex]

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integral

    I hope to have helped :blushing:
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    the area under the graph of a velocity-time graph, is the total displacement of a body.
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    the area under a speed-time graph gives the total distance travelled by the body.
    the area under a velocity-time graph gives the total displacement of the body.
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