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I would like to know what the implications of this paper are https://arxiv.org/abs/1712.10057.

They say " Here we show that, while in nature the complex conjugation needed for time reversal is exponentially improbable, one can design a quantum algorithm that includes complex conjugation and thus reverses a given quantum state."

Is this true time reversal does the arrow of time reverse at least in the simulation?

Regards Andrew
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I often reverse the arrow of time using the rewind button on my TV remote control!


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I often reverse the arrow of time using the rewind button on my TV remote control!
Such godlike powers were not meant for mere mortals.
Ok thanks I see it was not as profound as claimed.
Just for the record I I have a simulation of a perpetual pendulum running on my computer. Seems the paper is in this class of achievement albeit on a quantum computer.

Thanks again Andrew

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