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Art and Craft of Problem Solving

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    I've recently gotten hold of this book, "The Art and Craft of Problem Solving", by Paul Zeitz. I have heard many recommondations for it, and think it is fantastic.

    I want to read it the most effective way. Have any of you read it? How did you do it, or do you have any tips on how to read such a book? The book says that I shouldn't read it linearly, but jump to different chapters at wish. But I'd really like a system to follow.

    - Thanks
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    Have you ever seen a body builder who uses machines vs a body builder who lifts free weights?

    The one who has sculpted their body with a machine which follows strict movement is rigidly defined, almost predictable and perhaps has more endurance for specific tasks...

    The brain is a muscle... don't think that math and problem solving are related in any way what-so-ever... problem solving involves organic thought... not a system of rules...

    I think this book may be more beneficial than you think...

    If this post was an inside math joke I apologize... I'm new here... and my math skills suck...
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