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Aspiring to be a Bio-medical engineer with a M.E background

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    Hey guys
    I have recently finished my B.S in Mechanical Engineering and am about to enroll in my M.S in M.E . However , I have recently discovered Bio-medical Engineering and I'm pretty sure that is where I want to be .If I wish to finish my M.S in M.E (necessary to become a professional engineer) and try to get on the job experience in Bio-medical Engineering, at how much of a disadvantage am I from students from Bio-medical engineering backgrounds. Another option would be to go for an M.S in bio-medical engineering .I assume a Mechanical Engineering Bachelors would be lacking in electronics and biology . What option would you recommend .
    Any advice would be helpful
    Thank you
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    This question depends a lot on your specific background and circumstances, and I don't think anyone on here can really answer it very well to your satisfaction. You should talk to your academic advisors and specific professors whose work you are interested in to see what they think. At my school there are many people in the ME department who are doing research in robotics, and specifically human automation, and also those who work in conjunction with the BME department. I started with a degree in ME and switched to Physics for grad school. In my lab there are people with EE and Chemistry degrees, so a lot of interdisciplinary work is possible regardless of nominal degree. The most important thing is not really your degree, but rather if you can find a group who wants to work with you. Don't be afraid to approach biomech professors and ask about openings. I'm sure that many would be willing to take you on with your ME degree. If you get good experience in a biomech lab and publish some papers, that is worth more than the title on your degree.
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