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Engineers, as practitioners of engineering, are professionals who invent, design, analyze, build and test machines, complex systems, structures, gadgets and materials to fulfill functional objectives and requirements while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety and cost. The word engineer (Latin ingeniator) is derived from the Latin words ingeniare ("to create, generate, contrive, devise") and ingenium ("cleverness"). The foundational qualifications of an engineer typically include a four-year bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline, or in some jurisdictions, a master's degree in an engineering discipline plus four to six years of peer-reviewed professional practice (culminating in a project report or thesis) and passage of engineering board examinations.
The work of engineers forms the link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human and business needs and quality of life.

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  1. RonG

    RonG Mechanical Engineer Student

    Hello, My name is Ron. I am currently attending Old Dominion University majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management. I am returning to obtain my bachelors at age 54 and currently hold an associate in Drafting and Design. I have worked in the construction industry...
  2. gmascorro

    Hello guys!

    Hello My name is Gerardo , Im from Texas, Im an Electro Mechanical Engineer. Saw this cool forum and I wanted to join. Please to meet all of you and lets be friends.
  3. K

    Hi there! I'm Kiran. I need to know advance physics.

    Hi! My name is Kiran. I am a mechanical engineer working for various practical application projects such as renewable energy products, efficiency improvement, customized machines, etc. On many circumstances, I encountered with a problem of solving some advance and complicated physics. And in one...
  4. PaulMuadDib

    Signal processing engineer wondering if a seasonal heat storage is feasible

    Hello there, My background is about signal processing, and after having installed a complete photovoltaic generator (7.2 kWp in 3 directions, Victron system) & storage (21 kWh of Pylontech batteries), heat pumps to heat the house (combined a small Jötul stove) and the domestic hot water, I am...
  5. D

    Electrical engineer with a great passion for physics

    I am an electrical engineer with a great passion for physics, and I live in Ottawa.
  6. madladkaiser

    New Member, I look forward to contributing and your kind cooperation

    Hello there, fellow physics enthusiasts, I am a mechanical engineer looking forward to pursuing physics academically. I am interested in gaining knowledge from this forum and connecting with students and scientists. Have a nice day, Madladkaiser
  7. Sargon38

    Old engineer and physicist...

    I've been a long-standing member of PF a few decades ago, and now I take up things again after more than 10 years of absence. I'm into nuclear scientific instrumentation, with a special interest in theoretical physics (but not as theoretical as in my younger years). I've a degree in electrical...
  8. X

    How Can Quantum Mechanics Influence Software Engineering?

    Interested in foundations of physics, Quantum Mechanics.
  9. Maros

    How Does a Nuclear Engineer Combine Passion for Energy and Photography?

    Blogger about nuclear energy and enthusiastic amateur photographer.
  10. R

    How Does a Retired Electronics Engineer Stay Engaged with Physical Sciences?

    I am a retired Electronics Engineer. BSEE from Iowa State Univ and MSEE from California State Univ-Northridge. Still interested in the physical sciences.
  11. M

    Can Mechanical Engineers Revolutionize the Pump Industry?

    Mechanical engineer working in pump industry
  12. M

    Free Researcher as physics engineer

    I am a physic Engineer, researcher and I do search on nuclear and paticle physic. I need some basic reaearch on physic at the last years and I belive that you can answer my questions. If not enough these inform me , please inform me which information need you to me. Thank you. Best regards...
  13. R

    Who is the Optical Engineer from Italy?

    Hello, I'm an optical engineer from Italy
  14. B

    Language Learning and Cultural Identity: A Finnish Scientist's Perspective

    I think the title speaks for itself, I am from a country that half of the planet doesn't know exists. Iäm a typical finn that is socially so akward that wont go to the common tutor meeting to get help, but rather goes online and spends way too long on simple problems.,
  15. N

    Who is Nappolean, the New Mechanical Engineer Graduate?

    Hello everyone am Nappolean a New Mechanical Engineer Graduate here, nice to meet you all.
  16. Fae56gq

    What sparked an electrical engineer's interest in physics?

    Hello! I am an electrical engineer from South Korea. While studying at university, I developed a late interest in physics through learning Maxwell's equations. I've come here to participate in meaningful discussions. Thank you :smile:
  17. Mohmmad Maaitah

    What should I do before taking my Statics course (ME major)?

    TL;DR Summary: I am taking the Statics course next semester (in a month) and it seems very difficult as people told me, I couldn't find someone who did great in it to seek advice. so if you did great in statics please provide me with tips and advices, thanks in advance. By the way I am...
  18. MOSFETSnotFETs

    Finding My Way Back to Tech: A Scientist's Journey

    Oh to be young again, and living in a community of like-minded souls. I have lost my edge, but I am not lost. I only need a whetstone and to be invited back in. A little Fancy like Reba because my way was self-guided.. It isn't your normal process because this is a story about broken...
  19. J

    What is the New Concept About Common Mode Noise in Electrical Engineering?

    M.S in electrical engineering, Has a publication on IEEE titled “New Concept About Common Mode Noise”. I have extensive knowledge in electrical engineering, including quantum.
  20. V

    What is the role of an electronics engineer in designing automotive LED lights?

    I am an electronics engineer and work as a designer of automotive LED lights
  21. halfapizza

    How Does Satellite Technology Intersect with Ham Radio Experience?

    I'm an electrical engineer of 35 years. I've been in multiple industries, but now work with satellites, LEO specifically. I'm also a Ham Radio operator, AC7DN. My favorite quote is from Leonardo daVinci - "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
  22. F

    What is the connection between physics and metaphysics?

    I'm an electrical engineer working in the medical device industry. As a hobby, always interested in both physics and metaphysics, want to know what this world is about at its core. Always open to any seriously and honestly driven discussion as long as it is not offending and has the goal of...
  23. Agongo 4

    Courses Becoming a Biomedical Engineer with a Bsc in Medical Physics

    Can I become a biomedical engineer after completing a Bsc in Medical Physics?
  24. R

    Job Skills Any advice for a new grad looking to be a Software Engineer?

    Recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science. I have been sending applications daily and got to final rounds with a FAANG company but they went on a hiring freeze. I recently again got a final interview with another FAANG company at the end of the month and have an online assessment with...
  25. M

    Working electrical engineer transitioning to physics?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here but I've come across PF many times as viewer while searching for clarifications and exercise solutions. I think this should be the right place to ask for advice. My background: 30-ish years old, got my BSc and MS in Electrical Engineering in 2017. The courses were...
  26. Smitnak

    Engineering What kinds of jobs can a vibration engineer with this experience?

    Hello guys, I've been searching job to my father. Because the economical situation of the country he wants to find a foreign job. -He has 20+ years working as an director of vibration analysis and diagnosis company who himself founded. -He has 20+ years working as mechanical engineer teacher...
  27. Mousa Kandah

    Admissions Advice for an Engineer seeking a Masters in Physics in Germany

    Hello, I recently Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Jordan and I am looking to do a Masters in Physics in Germany obviously I am at a disadvantage when it comes to admission due to my Bachelors, but I am currently fixing that. I am currently taking Courses in Quantum...
  28. S

    Studying If you are an engineer but find out you don't like it?

    I am worried about going for an engineering field and getting a degree in it to only find out its either not what I thought it would be or I just do not like it. If that happened I'd think the only option is go back to college to get a different degree, but I'd really not want to do that. Is...
  29. S

    Other How can I know I'll be a good engineer?

    I am really good at math and the sciences. I always get A's. I find it easy. But that's because I take the notes, study, and my way of thinking goes along side these subjects. I am able to ace the tests because I've practiced them. The problem is suspect post graduation and actually working is...
  30. octopus26

    Engineering Masters programs to work in aerospace/defense as an engineer

    Hello all, I am looking for some career advice. My current situation is that I am graduating with my bachelors in physics and chemistry in December of this year. My goal is to get a masters degree in a field that would enable me to work as an engineer at one of the aerospace/defense contractors...
  31. G

    Engineering Acceleration Engineering First Semester

    The function x (t) = 4 (m · s) t − 1 + 10 m describes the position of a mass point. In which direction does the speed point at time t = 1 s? Is the amount of speed constant or not? does the velocity function change its sign for t> 0 at some point? And in which direction does the acceleration...
  32. Jake Ng

    Mechanical Engineer Career. Short 3 question interview.

    I have an assignment for a class where I have to interview Mechanical Engineers. The questions are “Why did you choose this career?”, “Are you happy in this career?”, and “What advice would you give to someone who wanted to pursue this career?” I would appreciate it if someone could answer these...
  33. D

    Biology From Electrical Engineer to Tissue Engineer

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I did my undergrad in EE. I'm looking to transition into something in the biomedical space, particularly tissue engineering. I might want to do a PhD, but I'm just seeking a new challenge at this point in my life. Is there any way that I can work part-time...
  34. danton133

    Is this an impossible aspiration for an Electrical/Controls Engineer?

    Is there (or will there be) some specific fields or roles within electrical engineering that support the ability to work fully remote? To escape the 9-5, location dependant norm. This could be as a employee, contactor or maybe self employed? More info: my current background includes panel...
  35. codyschellinger0731

    Need to interview an engineer for an engineering paper

    1. What is your field of engineering? 2. Why did you choose to become an engineer? 3. What do you enjoy most about your work? 4. How well are you aware of homelessness in the United States, and more specifically, where you live? 5. What is your opinion on examples such as “no-sit benches”...
  36. P

    Boxing/punching bag stand project

    Criteria: freestanding, not bolted down (i.e into floors, walls, ceiling, et), stable, least corrosion & health/safety concerns, support 200lb bag, and minimal cost. So far it seems best solution is a pull-up bar design: 2 posts with support legs but joined with a 15ft pipe, 2in+ thick...
  37. davenn

    One engineer to another ......

    This is just wonderful and priceless :) :) Brought a tear to my eyes
  38. T

    First Year Engineering Student: Tips and Tricks for Success

    Hi, I'm Stephanie and I'm a first year engineering student. I think I know what I'm doing. Hahaha.. Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks 😄
  39. C

    What is the resulting force between the beam CB and E?

    I assumed that the vertical force at point B would be the same as the force between beam CB and E because of Newtons law. Did I assume wrong? Look below for my calculations and answer which I got to 250N. I don’t know the correct answer but assume someone here can tell me if I solved the problem...
  40. Z

    Help Zhwan Apply for Chartered Engineer (CEng) at IMechE

    Summary:: Dear Colleagues, Need Assistance and Recommendation (IMechE) I want to submit for Chartered Engineer (CEng) at Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), UK. I need to fill up the application form. However, I really in need for samples how to fill up the application form to apply...
  41. K

    What are the requirements to become an engineer in Greece?

    Hi!My name is Konstantinos,I'm 15 and I am Greek.I am in this forum because I don't know what to do.I want to be a self teach engineer and I don't know from where I have to start to study and I need help.Please give some advise.
  42. R

    Engineering Future Plans for an Aspiring Engineer

    Hi all, I am currently a rising Junior in college on track for a BS in MSE and loving it so far. This summer I am doing a remote internship for a National Lab and ever since day one, I have loved it. I also have been doing undergrad research for the past year and find it incredibly interesting...
  43. S

    Job Skills How much math/physics does a full stack engineer need?

    So, imagine a person that likes math/physics/engineering problems. He also likes science and programming. Let's call him D. D is in his mid-twenties, has much to learn about life and programming. He has the most experience in Pascal, C++, C, Python, Javascript. He also peaked into web...
  44. T

    Testing US test for a 3rd world engineer?

    Is there a US engineering test to check academic level of a BE graduated in the Third World?
  45. K

    How can engineering and critical thinking drive innovation in physics?

    hello everyone I am an undergrad student interested in physics
  46. G

    Vapor Pressure of Water Below Freezing: How Does It Affect Grain Storage?

    MOD Note: Moved from Member intros to here hence no homework template. While its not homework it fits the spirit of homework. If ambient air is 10 deg C with relative humidity of 75%. And air exiting a grain bin is 18 deg C with relative humidity of 85% at a rate of 3000 cubic feet per second...
  47. Ygggdrasil

    Scientists engineer E. coli that eats carbon dioxide

    E. coli is one of the best studied and most widely used bacteria in biotechnology. This week, published in the journal Cell, researchers report having engineered the bacterium to be able to generate all of its carbon from CO2, opening the way toward using these bacteria for replacement of...
  48. C

    Engineering ChemE PhD w/ a Supply Chain Engineer job offer

    Hi, I'm graduating with a PhD in ChemE. I'm interested in a position in industry that is not purely technical and that will have some exposure to the business/leadership side. I have an offer at a F500 company to be a supply chain engineer. The job will entail working with Asian suppliers and...
  49. N

    Most valuable trait for a scientist or engineer?

    If you had to pick a character trait that was most important for you in your scientific or engineering career, what would it be? For me, it would be humility, which includes the willingness to accept that I don't know stuff, willingness to learn new stuff and the readiness to admit if I made a...
  50. danielp3

    Junior engineer - how to do it right?

    So recently I got my first job as an mechanical engineer. YAY! The factory produces plastic products such as bottles/jar/etc with 2 main methods. blow molding for PP and HDPE & ISBM for PET. The whole area of plastic is completely new to me, my boss know that. I'm the only mechanical engineer...