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  1. G

    Engineering Acceleration Engineering First Semester

    The function x (t) = 4 (m · s) t − 1 + 10 m describes the position of a mass point. In which direction does the speed point at time t = 1 s? Is the amount of speed constant or not? does the velocity function change its sign for t> 0 at some point? And in which direction does the acceleration...
  2. P

    Boxing/punching bag stand project

    Criteria: freestanding, not bolted down (i.e into floors, walls, ceiling, et), stable, least corrosion & health/safety concerns, support 200lb bag, and minimal cost. So far it seems best solution is a pull-up bar design: 2 posts with support legs but joined with a 15ft pipe, 2in+ thick...
  3. C

    What is the resulting force between the beam CB and E?

    I assumed that the vertical force at point B would be the same as the force between beam CB and E because of newtons law. Did I assume wrong? Look below for my calculations and answer which I got to 250N. I don’t know the correct answer but assume someone here can tell me if I solved the problem...
  4. G

    Farmer with inquisitive mind

    MOD Note: Moved from Member intros to here hence no homework template. While its not homework it fits the spirit of homework. If ambient air is 10 deg C with relative humidity of 75%. And air exiting a grain bin is 18 deg C with relative humidity of 85% at a rate of 3000 cubic feet per second...
  5. M

    PNP transistor and Voltage

    The problem: My attempt:
  6. astroman707

    Programs What is the likelihood of a physics major getting an engineering job?

    I’ve been told that physics majors are looked at favorably when applying for entry-level engineering jobs. Is this true? How qualified are they when compared to engineering majors? Are applied physics majors looked at any differently? Do employers care about an undergraduate thesis?
  7. H

    I Block Diagram manipulation

    Hello I hope someone can help me, as i am kinda stuck for the moment. As you can see, the assignment states that I need to find the poles from the closed loop transfer function. I plan on doing so, by using block diagram reduction method. This is as fare as i've come, and can't come...
  8. Silverhobbiest

    I Significant Physical/Chemical Change Found by Sign Reversal?

    We know that "plastic" and "glass" charges were arbitrarily assigned to be negative and positive respectively, and electrons and protons were given their charges based upon that assignment (According to Randall D. Knight in Physics for Scientists and Engineers). I am curious if any significant...
  9. Jason-Li

    Harmonic waves - Fundamental voltages

    Homework Statement An ac voltage, comprises of a fundamental voltage of 100 Vrms at a frequency of 120 Hz, a 3rd harmonic which is 20% of the fundamental, a 5th harmonic which is 10% of the fundamental and at a phase angle of 1.2 radians lagging. (i) Write down an expression for the voltage...
  10. V

    Discussion about Altering Automotive Electricity Management

    I'd like to start a thread of thoughts and opinions of a topic that I am considering spending time and money on. Unfortunately, I do not have a very broad knowledge of the engineering intricacies of the topic. I'm really curious if there has been a proposal or workings of a vehicle that uses an...
  11. B

    Engineering Competency matrix for a power engineer?

    What competency matrix are suggested for power consultant engineers? My work organization has a competency matrix of different skills. The skills included different software packages and engineering practices for low/medium/high voltage power design and instrument and controls. Some of the...
  12. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Interview with Engineer Mentor anorlunda - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new blog post Interview with Engineer Mentor anorlunda Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  13. Guidestone

    Engineering From Mechatronics To Electronics

    Hello people. I recently finished studying mechatronics engineering. I decided to pursue this degree as I wanted to learn about many areas of engineering. When I chose this degree I just could not make up my mind on which side of engineering to follow so I attempted to go after everything. At...
  14. KAM123

    Turbine question

    A turbine operates under steady-flow conditions. It receives steam at a pressure of 15 bar, specific volume of 0.1318 m³/kg, velocity of 30 m/s and specific internal energy of 2594.5 kJ/kg. The steam leaves the turbine at a pressure of 30 kPa, velocity of 90 m/s, specific volume of 4.25 m³/kg...
  15. Mayed Al-Tunaiji

    Other Senior graduation project (HS)

    Hello, PF, I am a senior in high school and my school requires me to come up with an innovative idea about science and/or engineering. After coming with an idea lets say for example it was an engine of some sort we have to request the parts from the school and build it. my problem is with the...
  16. R

    Engineering Electrician vs EE

    Hey guys I'm trying to figure out my path forward. I'm currently in an electrician apprenticeship which I enjoy a lot however I sense I have a stronger talent for engineering work. I've interviewed several EEs and it seems that my motivations for entering the fields are sound; however I don't...
  17. EEristavi

    Engineering Process Safety Engineer Job Description

    Hello everyone, I'm interested specifically what Process Safety Engineer's job is like. Like, what you must handle everyday at work, what knowledge is needed, do you find it interesting or not (and why) etc. Thank you for attention
  18. Neven

    Which kind of Engineer?

    HI , i'm a bit early for those kind of questions but my passion is the space ,my dream is to go in the space so i was wondering wich type of engineer goes in space and if its the AeroEngineer , is the mechanicalE turn into aerospaceE ? P.S im not english first language sorry if i spelled...
  19. TheFlyingGandalf

    Physics A few questions about a theoretical physicist career

    Hello, I'm Michael, am 17 and uncertain about my future (as I'm sure anyone my age is). you see, I aim to be a theoretical physicist in the future and Im worried a bit: Yes, I know, you shouldnt pick a job just for the money, but I do worry about how much does a theoretical physicist make. do...
  20. KaelanSong

    Need Mechanical Engineer to interview, Urgent

    One of classes needs me to interview an engineer with a degree of my same major (mechanical engr), preferably with 7+ years of experience in the field (we can lie about that, but deadlines are approaching and I've struck out everywhere), AND A BUSINESS CARD (used as proof to my professor that...
  21. Patrick Jago

    Motor/pump fluid dynamics

    In an electrical high pressure water motor or pump what is the main cause of energy loss. Originally I was thinking along the lines of 1st heat/electrical losses in motor. 2nd Friction of the water in pipes. 3rd noise. But I'm torn between the first 2 ? Tho
  22. TheQuietOne

    Engineering Thinking of working towards being a Navy ME

    I am thinking of (working towards) being a GSM in the Navy, I'm only starting highschool and love engineering. Any thoughts?
  23. C

    Programs Astronomy, Physics, Engineering

    Hey guys. I am in my last year of high school and I need to figure out what my major is going to be, since I will be applying to universities next summer. I am really interested in astronomy but I know I would not be able to get a job in my country with a degree in either astronomy or...
  24. J

    Intro Physics Any suggestions on books? (Physics & Engineering)

    I just finished my A levels in math's/physics. I decided to take a year out before I start an engineering degree. I'm looking for books to study on my work break's and any down time I get. I was looking at the 'Physics for Scientists and Engineers' by authors like Feynman and Serway. They can...
  25. R

    Calculus What is a good book for learning rigorous calculus?

    I'm not sure if the title correctly says what I am looking for. I'm a few years out of college and I'm trying to review some electromagnetics topics. A lot of the "proofs" in my EM book seem to take a lot of shortcuts, or use "intuition" to explain why some calculus operation can be simplified...
  26. W

    Advice/opinion on job opportunities based on country

    hello! I'm at my 6th sem(doing my internship semester) of my engineering studies in Mechanical Engineering (major Automotive) in an University of Applied Science in Germany. I'll be doing my thesis writing at my university next semester and considering to continue my Masters in either Mechanical...
  27. E

    Seeking information on aerospace engineering

    Hello, I am currently a grade 12 high school student and I am doing a project for my physics class on aerospace engineering. In order for me to get a good mark on this project I need an interview with an aerospace engineer. I would simply be asking one questions like what they do on a daily...
  28. pioneerboy

    Profession of Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown

    Hi there, If you look through the trilogy of "Back to the Future" you come across many devices of Doc Brown. He's officially a physicist with theoretical knowledge, he's always claiming to conducting experiments, and he's great in building things...obviously. First question: what branch of...
  29. T

    Programs Can an ME Technology degree be upgrade to an ME degree

    can a mechanical engineering technology degree be upgrade to an engineering degree
  30. Meron

    Engineering physics

    I am, currently, a senior in high school. I am interested in science and particularly in physics. So, I, naturally, want to major in physics when I go to University. But I'm not sure if I want to be a physicist when i grow up and I have also heard about how getting into academia is very hard and...