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Asteroid Hits Moon / Breaks it up:

  1. Nov 18, 2007 #1
    I dont know much about Astronomy or physics.
    But I am researching to write a fantasy book set in a historical age where Earth has 2 moons and in a sub-plot one is hit by an asteroid and destroyed.

    We know what the effect of an asteroid hitting earth is.

    What about it hitting the moon, a big enough one, to break the moon up.

    1. Would the asteroid then stop ?

    2. How big would the moon pieces be ?

    3. And how would these pieces react in Orbit ?

    4. How many of these peaces would fall to the earth ?

    5. How would they fall and what damage would they do ?

    6. Timeframe and rate of this ?

    7. Surely the speed of moon pieces falling to earth is minutely slower, than an asteroid ?

    8. What sort of new daytime and night effects would we expect to see.

    P.s. Just your normal Monday morning questions !!

    The premise is that large pieces of the moon contine to orbit earth until they fall into earths atmosphere where the large ones dont burn up, but fall on certain lands and continents, and sea's also I guess.

    p.s. I know the chances of an aesteoid hitting the moon instead of earth is slight, but for the purpose of my book its orbit will be magically changed to intercept the comet and save earth.
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    Many of these questions are specifically addressed in Jack McDevitt's novel Moonfall, wherein a hypervelocity object shatters the Moon; I highly recommend it.
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