1. S

    I Would a rover on an asteroid float away because of the low gravity?

    I’m wondering if a lander/rover landed on an asteroid with a very low gravity, and we wanted to make said rover move around the asteroid, would it “float” away because of the low gravity? Wouldn’t the normal force and the gravitational force equal 0? If we added a propulsion system, how would we...
  2. Mlesnita Daniel

    B Previous thoughts on destroying asteroids were wrong: Nuking them is a bad idea

    This study from Johns Hopkins University shows that even if we manage to nuke an asteroid and "destroy" it, it will have a core back, in almost 2 hours. Nuking them was a bad idea before, but now seems worse. More details here...
  3. Mlesnita Daniel

    B Ideas to protect the Earth from possible asteroid impacts

    Do you have any own idea, on a way to protect the Earth from a possible asteroid impact? (You can not use technologies that are not invented yet, or imaginary. Those that can be invented in the next, let's say, 10 years, are allowed)
  4. T

    Position of the front of an asteroid using special relativity

    1. Homework Statement I'm stuck on part (d) but I've included the previous subquestions in case they're useful. The length of an asteroid is exactly 300 m = 1 µls (micro light-second) when at rest. Draw a carefully labelled space-time diagram to illustrate the following: (a) Depict the rest...
  5. shihab-kol

    B Position of the asteroid belt

    The asteroid belt is present between mars and Jupiter but why is it spaced out like that? Why not between some other planets?
  6. C

    B First Interstellar Asteroid Found

    The first asteroid ever seen from another solar system is whizzing through our own, and astronomers are racing to observe the visitor before it slips away. Links: Nature Sky and Telescope
  7. J

    I How to determine if an asteroid will burn up or hit Earth?

    I want to make a interactive simulation that shows whether or not an asteroid will hit the surface of the Earth. It would have 2 sliders for you to control the speed and mass of the asteroid. The simulation will output "yes" or "no" if the asteroid hits the surface. Is there a mathematical...
  8. Author_X

    Backstory Help: Asteroid Collision in California

    I am currently working on the backstory to a story I'm writing as a means of world-building. However, I'm not quite as physics-literate as everyone else, so rather than winging it and coming off like an idiot, I came here. Exhibit A. The red marks the range of the...
  9. J

    I The Largest Air Burst on Earth

    On June 30, 1908, the remote Siberian region of Tunguska made headline news when an explosion knocked down 80 million trees in an area of only 770 square miles. The mystery was that there was no crater, which led to the assumption that the space bomb responsible for the catastrophe detonated in...
  10. pioneerboy

    Stargazing A telescope for asteroids

    Would such a telescope be useful for discovering new main belt asteroids: [Broken]
  11. J

    [Orbital mechanics] Asteroid angular momentum

    1. Homework Statement : A vector is perpendicular to B vector, and they stay still, relative to the body. No torque is applied on the asteroid, although he dissipates very little rotational kinetic energy, due to drag on dust clouds. It was also determined that the asteroid is a long body...
  12. pioneerboy

    I How to determine an asteroid survey efficiency?

    I read in a couple of papers about asteroid hunting that they used artificially implemented asteroids in real images to see if their detection algorithms could find them. This way, the scientists determined their asteroid survey efficiency in real data. As I don't have the resources to work so...
  13. A

    Orbital velocity of Rosetta

    Hi All, I know that Rosetta was orbiting around 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. This asteroid has extremely low gravitational force acting on Rosetta. I believe that if the celestial body is heavy (mass), then there would be greater gravitational pull on the satellite and the orbital speed of it's...
  14. C

    Moving an asteroid into earth orbit

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how big an asteroid we might be able to "capture" and bring back into earth orbit for mining - both with today's technology and with potential technologies of the future. Specifically I am looking at a rock that is 500 feet in diameter and relatively round. My math...
  15. W

    Asteroid collision

    1. An asteroid is 10r away from the earth, and traveling at a speed of 12 km/s. What is the impact speed of the asteroid when it hits the earth? 2. Gravitation problem: U = -Gm[E]m / r ....I think 3. I've been looking in my book and online and cannot figure it out, please help!