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Astrology & Alchemy in the SM

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    "Astrology & Alchemy" in the SM

    Peter Woit links to this terrific little paper on the arxiv:

    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-ph/pdf/0609/0609274.pdf [Broken]


    The Standard Model: Alchemy and Astrology
    Authors: Joseph D. Lykken
    Comments: 12 pages, 0 figures, review talk from "Physics at LHC", Krakow, 3-8 July 2006
    Report-no: FERMILAB-CONF-06-347-T
    An brief unconventional review of Standard Model physics, containing no plots.

    For starters, just consider this little couple of paragraphs on the Higgs boson:

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    Yep, this is why field theory cannot be the last word on the subject, at least not field theories that aren't asymptotically free. No matter what you write down (this applies to GUTs and any sort of other thing you can think off), you invariably run into problems like Landau poles at some scale and so forth.

    Ergo the final theory of everything has to go beyond effective field theory, or at the very least to be capable of generating an infinite cascade of field theories (or descriptions) all valid at specific and individual points in the phase space such that it fills out the entire space.
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