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A Mass of Higgs, W and Z bosons going to zero at high energies

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    Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is really enjoying pushing the Physics frontiers!

    Really need some help here. In the Electroweak sector of the Standard Model, it is apparently the case that the success of renormalisation to remove the Ultraviolet Divergence relies on the fact that at high energies the masses of the Higgs, W and Z bosons tend towards zero.

    Could someone please provide me as many references to this as possible? Particularly references that would be accessible to a doctoral student, which would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to find anything on the internet much about this at all, though I have always been aware of the fact.

    Wold also greatly appreciate the answer to the question as to whether the Symmetry of the Higgs Lagrangian enables all this to happen? Is the symmetry of the Higgs Lagrangian driving this, and if so, how is this happening?

    Most grateful for your assistance.
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    Do you have a specific reference that you have in mind? It would make it easier to discuss your question. Usually, what is used is not that the masses ten dot zero, it is rather that the ratio o the renormalized masses over the cutoff scale goes to zero, ##M/\Lambda \rightarrow 0##. But again, it would be better to have a specific book/paper to focus on.
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