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At which depth could the existance of gold being plausible?

  1. Mar 26, 2012 #1
    does this even make sense? I mean is gold located/formed in a specific depth range? or it virtually could be found anywhere?

    the next question how to setup a relatively small budget mine with underground levels/rooms? :D
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    Gold is formed in stars by fusion. It got to Earth during the solar system's coalescence, and possibly some from meteors over billions of years.

    You should read up on gold bearing veins

    On a small budget you might consider panning for it in streams. I doubt there is any such thing as a small budget mine.
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    I vaguely recall seeing a TV show years ago in which it was stated that as the earth formed and cooled, gold was mostly deposited many miles down in the crust, not in the core, and that it was only through volcanic action and plate tectonics that some of it is now accessible on and near the surface.
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    try the alluvial plains formed under mountains of metamorphic rock.
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    It can be found approximately 3955 miles underground.

    With a spade.

    No money in gold, everyones solid.
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    thank you all for your responses

    I would like to add that when i used the word "formed" i didnt mean how is gold created in terms of mater i was talking more about after its creation in terms of consetration

    also about the mine budget i used also the word "relative" because i knew it would not be something cheap... i wondered if there were methods that would cost several thusands usd instead of several hundred thusand etc )like by using manpower wooden colums etc)
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    I don't know if you're seriously planning on starting a DIY gold mining company, and if this is the case I don't want to rain on any parades, but getting any yield of gold that would make reasonable returns on investments in mining means you need loads of money and a ton of experience.

    Wooden columns? You'd get a few feet deep into soil before the cutting edges on the columns (I assume you're picturing tree-sized drill bits here...) would get dull. And wood can't exactly drill through stone.

    Next, mining companies don't pull gold out of the ground in boulder-sized chunks that they shower off with a garden hose and then sell. They push thousands of tons of earth and rock through systems that procedurally filter everything and extract the tiny flecks of gold that are laying about very, very sparsely. Flecks of gold that you'd mistake for grains of sand. Gold mining isn't something you do on weekends with a few friends and a chest-high block of wood. You'd be better off sieving from streams of water, but even then your yield would be so small that I'd bet my kidneys you'd earn many times as much money per hour selling fast food.
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