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Attachments in Brainteasers subforum

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    Whenever I (and other users, it seems) click on attachments in the brainteasers forum, I'm taken to a page saying I don't have the privileges to view the page. I can view attachments in all other forums, just not in the brainteasers.

    Can anyone (most probably one of the admins) shed some light on this issue?

    edit: It appears that PF contributors can see the attachments. Is it set up like this on purpose?
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    I found an example of an odd one that I remembered:


    In there, I distinctly remember being able to view the attachments after I posted it (not sure how long after). So I assume that the attachments were approved (or whatever), but I can't actually view them now.

    The link directs me to:

    And it gives me the message:
    And, I'm pretty sure I'm not trying to sneakily do any administrative thing that I ought not do!

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    Hmm...I don't know what the problem is, but I seem to recall this coming up before. There's no reason for you to not be able to view attachments, and I checked in there and see a thread that people are complaining about not seeing attachments in, and the attachment appears to be approved. Maybe something got messed up during the upgrade. We'll have to wait for Greg or Chroot to come along and look into the permissions settings.

    In the meantime, maybe some of the attachments (at least the pictures) could be uploaded to a site like imageshack and a link provided. It's not ideal, but is a work-around until this can be resolved.
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    Hopefuly ,the attach will be viewable soon to everyone.
    That depends on PF admins I guess.
    "Time is not important,only Life is importantĖ‡"-Fifth Element
    Hmm...Could it be the admins are too dedicated followers of that principle?

    BTW,in the thread where the problem appears, noone got the continuation yet.:wink:
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    I seem to be having some odd experiences with the server at times, but I presume they are being worked on as I bring them up or someone else does, seems like the transition from alpha to beta wasn't 100% smoothe, can expect a few glitches though I supose.

    Try ceasing to exist after your contributer status runs out for a glitch:biggrin:
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    Just giving this thread a bump, because it looks like this is still an issue. Something was posted today that's got the same problem. Although... I DO notice that it has "7 views", which means 7 people *were* able to see the image? Does that mean there might be something wrong with my account in particular?

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