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Attachments Pending Approval

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    I'm wondering who is responsible for attement testings. And how long, approximetely do other users wait for approval?
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    Tom Mattson

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    Any PF Admin or PF Mentor can approve attachments. There's no set time limit, we just get to it when we get to it. If something sits in the moderation queue for too long then we usually get a PM from a member telling us about it. The queue is empty right now.
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    Just one note on attachments (not related to you specifically, but in general): if you attach a zip file, expect it to take a while for someone to approve it. Most of the mentors run like the plague from those, and refuse to open them to examine the contents.
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    OK, thanks Tom and Moonbear :)
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    Why do you need to inspect the zip file? It seems like if someone wanted to put something obscene or malicious into a zip file they could just host it on any number of free websites.

    I understand with pictures it puts a preview of the picture right in the post so that has to be screened because tags aren't allowed in most forums here.
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