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Aurora borealis over India is it possible?

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    I read on another forum that during or after the huge tsunami that hit in 2004, that supposedly aurora borealis was spotted in the skies over India. The poster said that this is an impossibility, and that is proves that the United States is the cause behind the tsunami, and that it was created by the HARRP program in Alaska.

    I do not believe that one bit. However, is aurora borealis possible over India? Why do some people think HARRP is behind the tsunami (and now, the earthquake in Haiti)?
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    Unlikely, India is quite a long way south and quite a long way from the magnetic pole.
    Plus there is no link between a tsunami and the aurora.

    Cos the tsunami is bad and the USA is bad therefore the USA causes the tsunami - m'kay.
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    It would be considered Aurora Australis because it is in the southern hemisphere.

    Speaking of the HAARP program, the Pakistani news website reported that the HAARP program caused a hole in the atmosphere above finland and was letting the exosphere inside or something of the sort and is causing the world to go haywire. Crazy Pakistanis!
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    India is not far enough North to observe even a really high energy burst hit the magnetosphere. I've seen it here at 43degN once or twice in my life.
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    shyte, moved the equator up 1 line. My mistake!
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    Aurora Australis isn't anything like as visible - not helped by the fact that there aren't many people at many high southern latitudes.

    You can see the northern aurora at lower latitudes in the USA and Canada because of the position of the magnetic north pole - but at the longitude of India you would have to be a lot further north.
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    I've seen some interesting, high altitude phosphorescent lights in the sky at 34 degrees North latitude in the evening after sunset. They were a result of rocket exhaust from strategic missile tests and sunlight still passing through the upper atmosphere (apparently), like this:

    Stranger is the recent show in Norway:
    (Is this bogus?)
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    I believe the Finnish picture was just brought out as a Russian missile test. You can definitely see the similarities between the two pictures, especially in the spin of the exhaust.
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