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Australian mathematics competition, papers needed

  1. Jan 8, 2010 #1
    does anyone have any worked out solutions for the Australian maths competition for the years 2002-2009.

    i really need them and would be really greatful if anyone could provide me with some or the name of a website that has these papers.
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  3. Jan 8, 2010 #2
    Usually practice paper, you have to buy them if you want a collection of several years and are fairly expensive >$40 AUD.

    A quick Google search yielded these results :

    http://www.amt.canberra.edu.au/wuamc.html [Broken]

    I'm thinking you'll have to pay for anything more. There aren't any solutions for the current year, but under each heading there's solutions and the paper for the previous set.

    Hope that helped.
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