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Avg. number of hours people spend watching tv & playing games?

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    Can someone help me find credible stats on the avg. number of hours people spend watching tv & playing games?

    I need credible data that I can cite. Please provide the URL so that I can refer back to it.

    Also, any other statistics on how computer games/usage, TV, or technology on how they affect our society negatively would be appreciated!

    I'm doing a research paper on how today's tech is affecting our society in a negative way. Thanks!! :smile:
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    Stats Canada has everything you need on television viewing for Canada. And more. I'm sure they'd have stuff on video games too. Do you need Canada? or anywhere else specific?
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    The United States and globally. I've found a couple of stats but they all seem to be somewhat different. Should I choose the one with a higher avg. given that it seems reliable?

    Even better, can someone please find stats that show how many people are addicted to technology in general? Should I just provide stats for a few tech devices (tv, comp, cell) to express urgency for this situation or what? Thanks for your help in advance!
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    Oh god, you're one of those 'technology addiction' guys. I got nothing to say to that. Why don't you try finding the statistics before deciding it's 'urgent'
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    Keep in mind you're definitely looking for kinds of people. In the United States it is going to be a lot more than the global average, which is less than one. Also, make sure you find it broken into age groups, since at 7 and at 15 there are going to be different TV:Video game:Internet (+digital music) ratios

    I remember John Taylor Gatto's words when, I believe, he received New York state teacher of the year:
    Good point, but the TV isn't watched for 55 hours a week, that's 8 hours a day—it's the average of the duration that the television is on. At my house my dad had the television on all day, but we didn't watch it for the entire day. It's just there so that you can watch what you want.

    And amen to that, technology has a negative impact on the species.
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    I watch educational TV and current affairs programs such as news a lot does that have a negative impact on the species, that's a bit of a broad generalisation that I leave to the "TV teaches you nothing crowd" who are obviously not watching anything educational and therefore cannot judge.

    Do you mean (I'm sure you do) It can have a negative impact, if your not all that fussy about what you watch and like vegetating in front of your TV watching Big Brother, or a selection of programs that are equally meaningless and vapid for longer than is healthy?

    I'm taking it in context that you mean TV, and not other forms of media, because in that case it becomes even less tenable as a statement.
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    Hey, don't single out Big Brother-- I enjoy watching it :biggrin: Besides, as long as we're talking about adults here, I don't see that television has a negative impact on society.
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    Oh, yes, totally. The species would be so much better without agriculture, clean water, hygiene, antibiotics, ICUs, and worst of all: a low infant mortality rate!

    Remember, these kinds of objections have been made to virtually every technological advancement made in the history of humankind. You can bet there was a guy next to the person who discovered fire:

    "You know ug, I don't think that's a particularly good idea. I mean, it burns people sometimes. And it encourages people to sit down near it for long amounts of time, just talking."
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    mustn't forget the aqueducts...:rolleyes:

    People who kavetch about the negative impact of technology should put their money where their mouth is. Live under a tree, where grass clothes (not even furs) and get your message out to the world by yelling (you can't even write a letter without technology).
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    well now, let's be charitable, it might be the case that television is the only technology that's bad. I mean, there are certainly less useful technologies than others. I think the world wouldn't be so bad if we simply hadn't thought of using Fission to make a bomb. Maybe it would also be better if we simply hadn't thought of television.
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    here's an interesting study by statscan on time use among internet users:
    http://www.statcan.ca/Daily/English/060802/d060802a.htm [Broken]
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    Please think things through before you say them. TV caused a cultural revolution. It was essentially the birth of modern news media. TV is not a problem, being a lazy fatass and sitting in front of it all day is.
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    haha....This kind of reminds me of those who have weight problems and they blame the fast food joints.
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    my IQ went down aBOUT 500 points since i started watching tv. now that i spend most of that time blogging on PF, it went down another 150. (that now makes it negative, in case you wondered.)
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    don't worry, IQ is only short-term memory, verbal knowledge, spatial visualization, and perceptual speed. You still have.. umm. I'm sure there's something.
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    I do not have a television. I already spend enough time in front of a computer at work, for the offer tv provides, thanks I'd rather do anything else. As for games, I can't remember last time I played a video game, but I do like other kinds, such as board games like chess, or go for instance...
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    I have go, but I LOVE pente, have you ever played it? It can be simple or it can become very strategic. I love it because, like chess, you need to be able to visualize at least four moves ahead, considering every move your opponent could make, but you're not restricted to the types of moves your pieces make, which make it less complicated, an excellent game to keep sharp while drinking unblended scotch. :biggrin: The local bar near the Johnson Space Center (NASA) was a hangout for those of us that loved to play it.
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    You are the one who made me discover pente :approve: I can not remember when I first mentionned GO here, it was at that time you told me to try pente. I especially like the D-Pente because it is more fair. Also, the game is usually less long than an entire GO game.
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    I love the internet! Sometimes I feel like you could probably learn everything that anybody ever figured out.

    I should probably stop playing chess by myself or with the computer and find somebody else to play with.

    I never could figure out how to play Go! And what's pente?
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