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Background information on engine blow-by

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    I am currently doing a project looking at the measurment of engine blow-by. Any information about this tha anyone can give me would be most appreciated. In particuar where does the blow-by go when it comes out the crankcase attached to the engine? thanks for your time
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    in my car (lancer evo 8) the blow-by goes into the intake after the MAF. through the turbo, intercooler, throttle body, and the blow by is burnt in the engine. admittedly this coats the intercooler in oil - decreasing its efficiency, which can be solved with a catch can.
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    Where the blowby gases go depends on the engine design. Some (as mshinavar stated) feed the gas back into the inlet tract of the engine. Some vent the gases to the atmosphere directly, or through a filtration and oil separation system.

    Depends on the engine.
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