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Bacterial transduction(How can it occur)

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    In bacterial transduction bacteriophages contain DNA from other bacteria and infect other cells. My question is how can this occur because afer bacteriophage infects a bacteria it would die. So even if it got new bacterial DNA it would still die.
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    I am not sure what you are asking but here a shot a it. Bacteriophage can integrate their genome into a bacterium genome. In case the bacterium survives until the phage gets out. When the phage gets out, in some case, it will carry bacteria DNA and kill the bacteria in the process.
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    You are slightly confusing the process of transduction. Let me lay it out. A bacteriophage comes and infects the bacterium. It inserts its DNA. Essentially what it's trying to do is to use the machinery in the bacterium and make its COPIES and more bacteriophages.

    When a lot of bacteriophages are made, they burst out of bacterium. It is at THAT POINT when the bacterium dies.
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