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Balinese instrument called an angklung

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    hi in class we're doing a project where we have to explain the physics behind an instrument that we either build or already have. i am going to be bringing in a balinese instrument called an angklung, which is an instrument similar to chimes except it is made out of bamboo. i was wondering whether someone can explain to me just briefly, in a few sentences, the physics behind this instrument. again, id really appreciate some help on this from someone who understands the physics behind musical instruments. thanks
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    I must admit that I clicked on this thread expecting to find a question about airspeed indicators or oil pressure gauges.
    It sounds as if this is more complicated than normal windchimes. Those seem to just rely upon the resonance frequency of the material (usually glass or brass). In your case, that would be a major factor as well, but bamboo won't be nearly as consistent from one piece to another. Add to that the effect that 'segment weals' (my term; those ridges on the outside) have upon the rigidity and thus the frequency of the tubes. The internal and external diameters of the tubes will vary just as much as the length.
    I am not the person that you want answering this, though. I know almost nothing of musical instruments, and even less of math.
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    me too

    It would be against guidelines if we just gave you everything without you doing any looking into of your own.

    If you just googled 'physics of chimes' you would have found http://web.missouri.edu/~umcaswwwepic/PDF%20files/Physics_of_Wind_Chimes-KimB.pdf" [Broken]
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