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Bearings for movement along a rod

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    If we wanted the rectangular plate to be able to move slowly up and down on the rods without binding, what would be an appropriate bearing to allow it to move smoothly on the rods?

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Simpler than a rolling bearing. Does it have comparable lifetime? The shafts could be aluminum or stainless steel, about 5/16" to 1/2" (8mm-12mm) diameter. There would be a load of approximately 8 kilos sitting on the plate. I could use opposing bearings on either side of the plate, screwed to the plate, a pair on each corner. The plate is moving, the rods are stationary.
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    Use something similar to a Danly die set www.danly.com
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    Your drawing resembles a press die set, as mentioned by tygerdawg, which use linear bearings or bushings.

    A search for "linear bearings" should keep you busy for a while. :smile:
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    I second the linear bearings suggestion. Search for this on McMaster Carr or Grainger. I'm sure you'll find what you need.
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