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Röd (Swedish for Red) is the eighth studio album by Swedish alternative rock band Kent. It was released as digital download exclusively through the band's website on 5 November 2009 and physically on 6 November 2009. The first single from the album, "Töntarna", was released as digital download on 5 October 2009.
Röd is available in a standard edition and a deluxe edition box. The deluxe edition box version features the 11-track CD, a USB flash drive with high quality MP3 files as well as AIFF files, three 10" records which between them contain the whole album, and a 118-page book containing lyrics, abstract pictures and photographs. Due to distribution difficulties the deluxe edition was delayed until 11 November 2009.

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  1. A

    B Force Profile of a Hinged Rod on the Ground

    A rod of length 'L' is hinged at one of its ends and is lying on the ground. A torque 'T' is applied to it at the hinge such that it pushes the rod into the ground. What will be the force profile on the ground since the entire length of the rod touches the ground? Assume the rod is weightless.
  2. Memo

    Moment of force, rod with mass

    OA*P_A = OH*P + OB*P_B ⇔ OA*P_A = ¾*OA*P + 2OA*P_B ⇔ 5*10 = ¾*0.4*10 + 2*P_B →P_B=23.5 →m2=2.35 (kg) My result doesn't match the answer hint, and when I change the rod's centre of mass to OH=1, it fits the answer hint. How do I determine the centre of mass in this situation?
  3. S

    Why is there are precession frequency here?

    so I need to use the eq.: omega_pr = ##mgr / L_s## with r = 6cm. But from how I imagine/see it, the rod pierces the disk through the middle so how does this create precession if the weight will not cause a torque then and thus a hortizontal change in angular momentum? Thanks in advance!
  4. S

    Wrong moment of inertia?

    so calculated, the moment of inertia for a rod about an axis at the end of the rod is I = 1/3 * M * L^2 here for case 1: arms to the side I is calculated to be ##I = 0.224## for case 2: arms stretched ## I = 1 / 3 * M * L^2 + M * d^2 ## with L = 0.6 m (length of rod) and d = 0.2 (dinstance from...
  5. Lil123

    Why Won't a Disk Rotate on a Frictionless Bearing?

    I was able to solve first part I.e. time period of the system when bearing has friction I am unable to figure it out why disk will not rotate when it is mounted to frictionless bearing ? I know that due to absence of friction disk cannot rotate but then Mg is also there which can rotate the...
  6. A

    Tension in Rope Wrapped Around a Rod

    On question B, I've attempted a solution that I have posted. However, I don't think it's correct. Am I allowed to treat this rope that wraps around the rod as a "negative" force and simply attach it to the other side of the equation such that ## m_1g=m_2g+\mu_sN##?
  7. brochesspro

    I Angular velocity of a rod and what formula to use while solving.

    The question is: A uniform rod of length ##L## stands vertically upright on a smooth floor in a position of unstable equilibrium. The rod is then given a small displacement at the top and tips over. What is the rod's angular velocity when it makes an angle of 30 degrees with the floor, assuming...
  8. S

    Engineering FEA question (stuck): Stress analysis on this Connecting Rod

    Hey Im doing FEA and got stuck on question. The diagram go me stuck, because looking through the workbook it says high stresses are in red and low in blue, whereas they included both different kind of stresses on the same diagram and no data. Note: High Compressive strains are noted by blue...
  9. C

    Solving Free-Body Diagrams for Moving Nuts on Rods: Tips and Techniques

    I tried to draw a free-body diagram and sum of moments equal to zero, but I stuck there, because I don't know where should reaction force N be and how determine where friction is acting on round surface? Any ideas?
  10. Lotto

    B Rope wrapped around a rod - belt friction

    Ideally, it should look circa like this: But in reality, it looks often like this: Is the formula valid also in this case?
  11. C

    Puck collision with rod using angular momentum conservation

    For this problem, Why for part (a) the solution is, Is the bit circled in red zero because since the putty is released at a very small distance above the rod it velocity is negligible? Also for part (d) the solution is I did a computation of the initial and finial kinetic energies of the...
  12. C

    Integrating electric field of rod

    For this problem, However, I am trying to solve this problem using an alternative method compared with the solutions. My method is: ##\vec E = k_e \int \frac {dq} {r^2} \, dx ## ##\hat r## ##\vec E = k_e \int \frac {\lambda} {x^2 + d^2} \, dx## ## \hat r## If I let ## \hat r = \frac {-x\hat i...
  13. anorlunda

    Can lasers guide lightning strikes to a safe target?

    I like this idea. Very creative, but in retrospect it sounds obvious. Just create a path of ionized atoms.
  14. Nadia

    Calculations: Creep of Metals and the Life of a Rod

    I'm sorry I'm uploading lots of images because I don't know how to write equations here. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION I have to solve this problem: Figure P3.6: MY SOLUTION I did this: THE CORRECTION I got this as a correction: - Don't use the middle line in figure P3.6 in my calculations. -...
  15. S

    Rotating Rod in Plane: Kinetic Energy & Moment of Inertia

    hello guys, I wanted to ask whether I can just consider/think about this as being rotation around a fixed axis in a plane representing it as if it was 'just' a rod. This is mainly so that for the kinetic energy in the second position is where if we think about it in just a plane. Is this...
  16. String theory guy

    Doubt about solution -- Two masses connected by a rod moving on a surface

    The doubt is about this question. Which the answer is They say that all the forces are pulling forces? How is this the case? How would this setup even work? I don't think block 2 could pull the rod.
  17. G

    Calculating forces on a rod with bearings leaning against a wall

    Hello, id appreciate your help for the following case: in a room, a zero weight rod has zero friction bearings at its extremities. One of his ends lies on the floor, the other is against a wall, forming with it an angle alpha. A verical force fv is applied to the 'wall end'. How to calculate the...
  18. B

    Two Particles Connected by Massless Rod: Dynamics Analysis

    Two point-like particles of mass m. The particles are rigidly connected to each other with a mass-less rod of length L. The particles are initially at rest in such a way that one particle is at the origin and the other is at the point (0, L). A point-like particle of mass M collides with a...
  19. M

    Hop height of a rod and speed/ time if hit upward with force f

    I want to make a few of these if it will not cost a lot.
  20. paulimerci

    Net torque about an axis through point A in a massless rod

    The net torque about an axis through point A is given by, If I take the axis of rotation perpendicular to the paper and the solution I arrive would be the following below Net torque = 30 cos45 x 1.5 - 10 cos30X 3 = 5.829Nm ( counterclockwise) But the book gives an answer...
  21. Lotto

    B What magnetic fields can this hollow rod shield?

    I suppose it can shield only the external magnetic field, not the field of the magnet itself. But I am not completely sure.
  22. M

    Finding COM of L-Shaped Rod and Ball System

    I suspect we can treat the L shaped rod as two rods and then find the com for that system and then find the com of the ball and that system
  23. Y

    Electric field of charged rod

    hello i would like to understand to something. here is the drew now for my question: i was able to find Ey and here is my correct answer: when i try to find Ex i didnt understand something, i found the correct answer but i need to put minus before and i want to know why? here is my solution...
  24. G

    Equilibrium of a rigid solid on a rod

    Figure: Attempt at a Solution: $$F=k\Delta x=lk\sin \theta$$ $$\delta x=0 \quad \textrm{when} \theta=0$$ $$\sum M_C=0\rightarrow$$ $$\rightarrow Pl\cos \theta -F_yl\cos \theta -F_xl\sin \theta =0\rightarrow$$ $$\rightarrow Pl\cos \theta -Fl\cos^2 \theta -Fl\sin^2 \theta=0\rightarrow$$...
  25. V

    Why does a diamagnetic rod align perpendicular to a magnetic field?

    I know that each material is made up of tiny magnets due to electrons orbiting the nucleus and also from electron spinning about its own axis. In ferromagnetic or paramagnetic rod these tiny magnets align with the applied field causing the net field in the rod to increase. But for diamagnetic...
  26. brotherbobby

    B Rod resting against a smooth peg

    Statement : Here is the statement from the text that I paste to the right. Diagram : Does anyone have a diagram (image) as to how does the situation look? Normal Reaction : When a rod rests against a smooth wall, we know that the direction of the reaction is normal to the wall. I understand...
  27. L

    Conducting rod in equilibrium due to magnetic force

    I am having problems understanding point (b) so I would like to know if my reasoning in that part is correct and/or how to think about that part because I don't see how to justify the assumption ##v_y=0\ m/s##. Thanks. I set up the ##xyz## coordinates system in the usual way with ##xy## in the...
  28. pandatime

    Centre of mass (composite rod) - length and densities provided

    I feel like I'm missing something fundamental here. Given only the lengths and the densities, how am I supposed to find a numerical centre of mass?Thought process so far: Are we supposed to use the ratio of the densities to find this answer? like ##\frac{8g/cm^3}{2.7g/cm^3}##? and then use that...
  29. James Brown

    B Will a round-headed rod topple if it slides down a frictionless slope?

    Well, the problem is that, someone told me that a ball won't roll when sliding down a frictionless slope because the resultant force mgsinx is parallel to the slope which means that the ball will slide down the slope. Now, replace the ball with a round headed rod, does this means that the rod...
  30. M

    B Angled Rod w Float Attached -- Force of Float

    Hi! A ridged rod is submerged in water at a 45 degree angle toward the bottom of a tank of water. The upper end of the rod is fixed to a pivot point and so, the lower end of the rod is able to move around that pivot point. The lower end of the rod has a float attached to that displaces 50lb...
  31. Krismein

    Calculate deflection of rod/axlepipe due to distributed load

    Summary:: Calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. I’m manually trying to calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. The rod has an outer diameter of 62mm and an inner diameter of 50, is 170mm long, made from a material with an...
  32. MatinSAR

    Experiment with an Electroscope, a Charged Rod and my hand

    I know that if we bring a positively charged rod closer to the electroscope, charges of electroscope are separated and the leaves of the electroscope get away from each other. but what happens if we touch the positively charged rod with our hands and then move the hand and rod away?
  33. J

    Question about the mechanism of a fishing rod

    Hello I would love to know how a fishing rod mechanism works. How is the wire always taut? I mean I guess it's a spring. Is it possible to get a consent form from someone? I can not understand how the spring works there Thank you
  34. L

    Disk with rod attached rotating about the center of the disk

    1) Since the rod is uniform, with mass m and length l, it has a linear mass density of ##\lambda=\frac{m}{l}##, so ##I_{rod_O}=\int_{x=r}^{x=r+l}x^2 \lambda dx=\frac{\lambda}{3}[(r+l)^3-r^3]=\frac{\lambda r^3}{3}[(1+\frac{l}{r})^3-1]=\frac{1}{3}mr^2[3+\frac{3l}{r}+\frac{l^2}{r^2}].##...
  35. R

    B What parts of an EMW does a ferrite rod antenna respond to?

    Hi. Would it be true to say, that a ferrite rod antenna, operating at fairly low frequencies (say 1Mhz) for all intents and purposes, only responds (in terms of voltage output) to the magnetic field part of a "radio wave"? Thanks.
  36. G

    Special relativity - measure of a rod and simultaneity

    Hi, I´m trying to solve a special relativity problem, and I think I need some help. There are two inertial frames of reference, ##O## and ##O'##, the last one moving with relative velocity ##v## in the ##x## direction. There's a rod with length ##L'## fixed to frame ##O'##, such that front end...
  37. G

    Engineering Vibrations of a rod and vertical spring with 60 degree angle offset

    This is the problem I am working on at the moment. The question states that the bar is at rest in this state. At a 60 degree angle to the horizontal and supported by the vertical spring at B. Small oscillations are introduced and I am required to find the equation of motion and the natural...
  38. U

    Calculating Force to Push Steel Rod Up 50 cm

    Hello ,all I'm calculating the force that required to push steel rod up 50 cm into water filled steel tank . pls see picture . If i exclude negligible friction force (which is friction between steel rod and water sealing gaskets ) Total Force = Force to lift 40 kg rod + Fluid Force...
  39. mattlfang

    A bullet collides perfectly elastically with one end of a rod

    A bullet with mass m, velocity v perfectly elastically, vertically collide with one end of a rod on a slippery plane and the bullet stops moving after the collision. Find the mass of the stick M the bullet stops moving after an elastic collision, so all energy is transformed to the rod. There...
  40. G

    To locate the centre of gravity of a rod

    Could I please ask for a help on how to attack this question? A heavy rod AB of length L can be made to balance across a small smooth peg C when a weight of 2W is suspended from A. Alternatively, it can be made to balance across the peg with a weight of 3W suspended from B. If the distance AC...
  41. G

    To find the distance of a horizontally suspended rod from a ceiling

    Please could I ask for help with the following? Two points, A and B on a horizontal ceiling are at a distance of 2a apart. A uniform rod CD of length a and weight W is suspended from A and B by two light strings AC, BD. A particle of weight (2/5)W is attached to the rod at D, and the system...
  42. D

    Angular velocity of pinned rod

    My line of thinking is as follows: \omega_{PQ} = \frac{v_{\perp}}{\ell} = \frac v\ell \frac{\sqrt3}{2} Similarly for rod ##QR## \omega_{QR} = \frac{v_{\perp}}{\ell} = \frac v\ell \frac{\sqrt3}{2} Is my reasoning correct?
  43. Hamiltonian

    Force between charged Ring and Rod, disproved Newtons 3rd law?

    This is the initial setup of the problem: The electric field due to the ring is: $$E = \int\frac{k(dq)}{(\sqrt{R^2 + x^2})^2}\frac{x}{\sqrt{R^2 + x^2}} = \frac{kqx}{(R^2 + x^2)^{3/2}}$$ the force on the rod due to this Electric field produced by the ring is: Consider a differential element...
  44. A

    Moment of Inertia of a 4 rod system

    This was the question (The line below is probably some translation of upper line in different language) For disc it was ma^2/2 For ring it was ma^2 For square lamina it was 2ma^2/3 For rods It was different Please explain Thank You🙏
  45. P

    Angular velocity of rod and bug

    I(i)w(i)= I(f)w(f) I(i)= 1.08 x 10-3 kg·m2 w(i)= 0.221 rad/s I(f)= mr^2 + I(i) = (5 x 10^-3)(.138)^2 + (1.08 x 10^-3) (1.08 x 10-3)(.221) = ((1.08 x 10^-3)+9.22 x 10^-5))w(f) w(f) = (2.3868 x 10^-4)/(0.00117522) w(f)= 0.203094 rad/s This is my attempt; however, I cannot seem to get it...
  46. LCSphysicist

    Rod colliding with the ground (Special relativity question)

    Ok, so basically: There is a frase with a particle moving horizontally with velocity v and a rod parallel to the ground, with rest length L, falling with speed u vertical constant. The rod bounces off on the ground. Describe what happens in the particle frame and find the angle the rod makes...
  47. V

    Hinged rod rotating, falling and hitting a mass

    Assuming no friction anywhere, no drag and perfect inelastic collision Using conservation of mechanical energy i can determine the rotational speed of the rod right before collision occurs. mgh=1/2*i*w^2 center of mass falls 1/2*L so we have: M*g*1/2*L = 1/2*(1/3*M*L^2)*w^2 Solving for w...