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Beatle question?

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    Hey everybody,

    I usually post in the physics section, but i'm a little puzzled about some recent encounters i've had with large beatles. I was in the basement yesterday and noticed a large reddish/blackish beetle crawling along the wall at a high velocity. I tried to lure the beetle into a corner with some food; a kind of simple experiment. I put a pile of sugar in one corner as the control, a pile of leaves in the other, some starchy foods in the third and some vegetables in the other corner. To my surprise, the beetle didn't show any preference and instead stayed on the wall. I've heard these bugs called wall beetles before but i'm not quite sure, could anyone help me identify this bug? I'm attaching a picture

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    That's not a terribly informative picture. Many insects prefer specific live vegetation to anything in your cupboards.
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    No fair using the "Beatle" spelling as clickbait. Your beetle doesn't care too much for sugar, veggies can't buy you love.
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    Could be a picture of the back of Ringo's head.
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    I google-matched it to this beatle:


    It does seem to prefer specific live vegetation.
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    They also have some kind of symbiotic relationship with pit bulls and welfare recipients.
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    At Abbey Road, in the city of Mcartney...

    "Wrong Steam King, your complex Harrison theory is void, like the Earth rotating the Sun, bullocks I say you rich man with differing ideas! Thou is not a relation to the quantum headprint of the Ringo Star, such lust you have! After seconds of concentrated research and testing, creating a wooden paddle harnessed with air, I've come to believe, nay, I say on the nine divines........ this is John Linens fingerprint, former clothe sewer of the holy ones, known none other than the Beetles!! I feel as though a void this day in the life has been filled like sweet strawberry wine from the fields in my goblet, the search is over brothers, across the universe, thou can now rest...With a little help from my friends, let us rejoice! For we no longer live in fear of the great unknown, here comes the sun to shine away the dark ages!" The King violenty replied, "Dissagreement with the majority that is King, what sinister vermin!" "But I have proof!" said Roy "Yes, that your a sinner you jude!!" screamed the King. "Condemn brother Roy to cut down the tallest tree in the Norwegian Woods, with a walrus tusk, singing Yoko Ono till he dies!!!"

    Last known words...
    "Take me away god, lift my rubber soul from this cruel world!" "My wife, Lucy, I wish I could see your diamond eyes, perhaps from Heaven above you shall see me with pity, for I must pay for my satanic science, over this bridge with troubled waters, to be burned and eaten by beatles...son Eleanor, please make not my mistakes, but weep... like a violin." "Ideas lead to a long and winding road to death, believe their sick spherical world, survive, I love you and she loves you." - Roy G. Biv, Feb 7, 1664 A.D. "The Colorful Moments "In My Life" IV"

    Pfft, see above dude. "Penny Lane" confirmed the Kings theories were all totally wrong, I'm majoring in history after all. Roy started a "revolution" in the theory of science, you have to see how it "comes together" to comprehend it. What are you gonna say next? That it's the star Beatleguese? You painted a submarine yellow and fed an octopus in a garden "yesterday"? That's "something" ridiculous that makes me wanna "twist and shout", but I'm just not that kinda guy. "Imagine" the consequences if crackpots theories like this were true. Anyway, I'm gonna hit the rack people, it's been a "hard days night" and I feel like a "paperback writer."
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