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LifshitzIn summary, the best general physics textbooks are Advanced Physics by Adams and Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday. The best mathematical physics textbooks are A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics by Szerekes and A Course in Modern Physics by Hassani. The best quantum mechanics textbooks are Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Shankar and Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction by Merzbacher. The best statistical mechanics textbooks are Statistical Mechanics: A Modern Introduction by Patheria and Statistical Mechanics: Theoretical Foundations by Mandl. The best nuclear physics textbooks are Nuclear Physics by Krane and Nuclear Physics: Principles and Applications by Lilley. The best solid state physics textbooks are Solid State Physics by Kitell and Introduction to Solid State
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To be a Physicist .....

a great welcome to all physicists,
i have some questions

1- What is the best textbook in general physics ?
2- What is the best textbook in mathematical physics ?
3- What is the best textbook in quantum mechanics ?
4- What is the best textbook in statistical mechanics ?
5- What is the best textbook in nuclear physics ?
6- What is the best textbook in solid state physics ?
Thank you very much
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1- Advanced Physics - Adams / Fundamentals of physics (Regular edition) - Halliday
2 - Mathematical Physics - Hassani / A course in modern mathematical physics - szerekes
3- Principles of Quantum mechanics - Shankar
4 - Statistical Physics - Mandl
5 - Nuclear physics - Krane / Nuclear Physics: Principles and Applications -Lilley
6 - I can't name any, I used Solid State Physics by Kitell, and it was really bad i think.
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thank you very much
and i deal with you about kittel solid state
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I'm sure there are threads in the "Science Book Discussion" archives on all of those topics.

The Szerekes book already mentioned is advanced and very modern, particularly in its coverage of algebra. An excellent reference for theoreticians, but pretty dry reading.

I really like the Dover book Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics by Byron and Fuller.
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Yes, Szerekes is really boring and dry, and many of the examples are not so well explained.

It is however an excellent reference.

You have not asked for books on Relativity, Astrophysics, and Analytical Mechanics. Relativity and Analytical Mechanics is really important in today's physics. So you need to specify what you mean by "general physics".
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1- best textbook in general physics: Halliday
2- best textbook in mathematical physics: Riley "undergraduates", & for postgrad u have to find book dealing extensively with geometry like: Hassani, Vaughn, Courant, Schutz
3- best textbook in quantum mechanics: Merzbacher
4- best textbook in statistical mechanics: Patheria
5- best textbook in nuclear physics: Krane, Lilley "there is no one best book"
6- best textbook in solid state physics: Ashkroft, Kittel "there is also no one best book"
7- best textbook in Classical Mechanics: Goldstein, Arnold, Landau

1. What are the best textbooks for learning quantum mechanics?

The best textbooks for learning quantum mechanics depend on the level of expertise and understanding of the reader. Some popular options include "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" by David J. Griffiths and "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by J.J. Sakurai.

2. Are there any recommended textbooks for studying astrophysics?

Yes, there are many great textbooks for studying astrophysics. Some popular ones include "An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics" by Bradley W. Carroll and Dale A. Ostlie, and "Theoretical Astrophysics: Volume 1, Astrophysical Processes" by T. Padmanabhan.

3. Which textbooks are best for understanding thermodynamics?

For a comprehensive understanding of thermodynamics, some recommended textbooks are "Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach" by Yunus A. Çengel and Michael A. Boles, and "Thermodynamics" by Enrico Fermi.

4. Can you suggest any textbooks for studying particle physics?

For studying particle physics, some popular textbooks are "Introduction to Elementary Particles" by David Griffiths, and "Modern Particle Physics" by Mark Thomson.

5. What are the best textbooks for learning general relativity?

Some recommended textbooks for learning general relativity are "General Relativity" by Robert M. Wald, and "Gravitation" by Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne, and John Archibald Wheeler.

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