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Becoming a mechanical engineer?

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    Since graduating high school in 2007 I've been kind of moping around my parents' house. It's starting to look a little pathetic at this point, so I've decided to attend college this year. Somehow waking up to find that three years has already past by has put me in an unusually motivated mood.

    My question is this; how would you recommend I go about becoming an engineer? I'm 90% sure I want to be a mechanical engineer. Most colleges that offer a bachelor's degree in ME describe it as the most well-rounded of the engineering paths, which is why it interests me. Honestly, if money wasn't an issue I'd like to take courses in EE & CE, but sadly that's not the case.

    I live in TN, so I've been having a look at the handful of schools that offer a bachelor's degree in ME and so far only three have really stuck out (Tennessee Technological Institute, University of Tennessee Knoxville, and UT Chattanooga). UTK's Fall admission deadline has already passed, though. I wasn't aware you sent admissions a year ahead, but I suppose that's because I've never bothered to look before now. That leaves TTU and UTC. I know little about either so if you've heard anything about their engineering programs I'd love to hear it.

    Honestly, I'm not even sure if I should go straight to a University. Would it be a better idea to attend a local community college and then transfer to a better/more equipped school? I'd be putting myself in a huge amount of debt by attending any school, so I'd like to be sure I don't waste my time. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks
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    Going to community college is a great idea. You'll save a TON of money and will be taking essentially the same classes as students in the big state schools. Engineering degrees typically take around five years to obtain. There is a very real danger of running out of student loans midway through if you don't spend the money wisely.
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