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Best books for Geometry / Trigonometry

  1. Jul 29, 2010 #1
    I'm trying to delve back into the world of physics. Unfortunately, i haven't done any type of geometry or trigonometry in many years. So, my question is, what are the best (ideally free; i'm a poor grad student after all :-) books to learn plane euclidean geometry and trigonometry? I figure it'd be a good place to start...

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    Have a look at "Trigonometry Demystified" by Stan Gibilsco

    It's a really good book. Google tells me that you can get a pdf (perhaps free).

    Look also at

    "Mathematics Recovered for the Natural and Medical Sciences"

    By Dennis Rosen

    It covers more than you have mentioned here, but the extra is useful in physics.
    And it has some smashing cartoons. It was written for people in your situation.
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