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Best colour to make paint UV resistant

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    Hi I am looking to repaint my windows. I've noticed that black paint lasts very well generally. I don't really want my windows black. Is there anyway I can reduce uv damage to the binder in the paint by adding some UV blocking colour? I've googled UV blocking pigments but it doesn't seem to come up with anything. Is there some binder I could use which isn't quite so UV absorbing? Also is it worth replacing titanium dioxide with marble powder?

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    I believe it is just a matter of using outdoor or weatherproof paint. UV is in the suite of things such a paint has to deal with.

    When you say you are going to repaint the windows, do you mean the frames? Or tinting the glass? The glass itself ought to be absorbing UV, but that won't effect the outer frame or paint on the exterior surface of the glass.
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    Black color is a matter of pigment, not of the binder.
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    Yes I am painting the frames of wooden windows with exterior paint. The binders in the modern formulations are not lasting that long, and it's very time consuming to paint them every 3 years or so, hence the reason for my looking to improve the longevity of the paint.

    I know Borek, you didn't get me for some reason. I want to block the UV as much as possible as it breaks down the binder. I was wondering what pigments / additives would be good for blocking.
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