What is Paint: Definition and 102 Discussions

Paint is any pigmented liquid, liquefiable, or solid mastic composition that, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, converts to a solid film. It is most commonly used to protect, color, or provide texture to objects. Paint can be made or purchased in many colors—and in many different types, such as watercolor or synthetic. Paint is typically stored, sold, and applied as a liquid, but most types dry into a solid. Most paints are either oil-based or water-based and each have distinct characteristics. For one, it is illegal in most municipalities to discard oil-based paint down household drains or sewers. Clean up solvents are also different for water-based paint than they are for oil-based paint. Water-based paints and oil-based paints will cure differently based on the outside ambient temperature of the object being painted (such as a house.) Usually the object being painted must be over 10 °C (50 °F), although some manufacturers of external paints/primers claim they can be applied when temperatures are as low as 2 °C (35 °F).

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  1. practicalphysicsnoob

    Chemical/Paint Best transparent material that allows infrared to pass through?

    Trying to create a version of mass producible radiative cooling panels At first I want to start off with something able to be created at home relatively cheaply as I dive further in I will start trying to find more durable materials with the same capabilities In order for the system to work the...
  2. J

    Methylene Chloride for my own DIY Paint Stripper

    Hello All! I'm new, first post, unless I missed it I didn't see an O-fficial intro section. Anyways,,, I love forums, the community of it, shared info, supporting and I have grown to depend on them. Porsche forums, Jaguar forums, plumbing, motorcycle, woodworking, HVAC, solar on and on and...
  3. sophiecentaur

    Optical Best paint for a sundial face

    I am making a sundial, based on an armillary. The image shows the principle and it's fixed to a sunny wall; it's only half finished as yet. The bar is aligned with the polar axis and the arc with the horizontal plane. I have omitted the higher parts of the arc so it doesn't get in the way around...
  4. L

    Any such thing as a safe paint thinner?

    My friend is an oil painting artist and is concerned about the toxicity of paint thinners. She says she has found things labeled "non-toxic" and yet they warn not to get any on you. She has dabbled with essential oils but is worried that might be bad around her cat. She has small work space...
  5. shivajikobardan

    JavaScript How to paint an element in screen using javascript?

    <div class="body"> <div id="board"> <div id="bat" class="bat"></div> <div id="ball" class="ball"></div> </div> </div> This is my HTML. I've done CSS For all of them and generated this: Now, I want the bat to move left and right when I press arrow keys...
  6. C

    Transition matrix of a paint ball game

    Summary: Finding the transition matrix of a paint ball game where only 3 probabilities are given. We have the following question: Alice, Tom, and Chloe are competing in paint ball. Alice hits her target 40% of the time, Tom hits his target 25% of the time, and Chloe hits her target 30% of the...
  7. anorlunda

    A350 paint degradation problem is getting nasty

    It seems that there is some problem with the paint on new Airbus A350s. The paint degrades, and the airlines think that the structural composites under the paint are degrading also. The problem could be structural airworthiness related, not just cosmetic. Qatar has grounded their fleet of...
  8. J

    I How does the cooling effect of this "white-est paint" work?

    A new result from Purdue https://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/releases/2021/Q2/the-whitest-paint-is-here-and-its-the-coolest.-literally..html Is about the development of a new paint that is the whitest yet, reflecting 98.1% of solar radiation. That is so much that they claim that it causes a...
  9. Monoxdifly

    MHB ASK: Time for Alan & Brian to Paint House Together?

    3 friends, Alan, Brian and Chester, paint a house. If Alan had to paint it on his own, it would take him one hour more than the time it would take for all three to paint it together. If Brian had to paint it on his own, it would take him five hours more than the time it would take for all three...
  10. I

    MHB In how many ways can Ben paint his apartment?

    The rooms of Ben’s apartment has 14 walls. He has enough paint to cover 10 of these walls with one color and the rest with another color. In how many ways could Ben paint his apartment ? This problem I used combinations for 10 walls for one color and 4 walls for one color; Here my...
  11. Jeremy Thomson

    Nuclear backpack bomb, glow in the dark paint

    "Glow in the dark paint was applied to the lock, so a soldier could unlock the miniature bomb in the dark". I'm thinking that its unlikely 'glow in the dark paint' would be tritium based. More likely radium, which was used up to WWII for instrument dials etc. But I don't know. Backpack nukes...
  12. M

    MHB Estimate Paint Amount for Hemispherical Dome w/ Differentials

    First I list what I am given: Diameter: 46m DR: 0.0003m (converted from the 0.03cm that was given) DV: ? Volume of a Sphere = 4/3 pi r^3 But volume of a half a Sphere = 2/3 pi r^3 And Radius = Diameter/2 So...dv = 2 pi (23m)^2 (0.0003m) Using a Calculator I am given 0.3174. The question asks...
  13. B

    MHB Rate Problem: How many minutes does it take 14 people to paint 14 walls?

    It takes 28 minutes for 7 people to paint 7 walls. How many minutes does it take 14 people to paint 14 walls?
  14. jim hardy

    Auto/Motor Toyota paint code -- Here is where to find it on the vehicle

    Today i learned where to find the Toyota paint code. It's on the VIN sticker which is on driver's side doorjamb. Bottom left corner of the sticker has a "T/C" followed by a 3 character code. If anybody needs some touchup paint for a gray Toyota with code 1H5 i have a fresh 1 oz vial that i will...
  15. S

    How is thermochromatic rainbow paint made?

    I'm curious how thermochromatic paint is made that has many changing colors corresponding to different temperatures? Read that liquid crystals are used but they same as in LCD displays or it's somekind another chemical?
  16. K

    Could our nose and lungs filter tiny paint pieces

    today I opened a package and unexpectedly there was a lot of tiny white pieces stuff flying out, like dust flying out from old books, but it's certainly not dust. I suspect it's paint pieces fallen from somewhere and don't understand how it gets to the package inside. Could our nose and lungs...
  17. helppls

    Max Thickness and Velocity Profile of Paint on Vertical Wall | Bingham Plastic

    Homework Statement Consider a layer of paint on a vertical wall, with uniform thickness T and a yield stress of Tau_0. (Paint is a Bingham Plastic). a) Derive an expression for the maximum thickness T0 that can be sustained without vertical flow.b) Derive an expression for the velocity profile...
  18. S

    Have you tried portable paint matchers for finding the perfect color match?

    I like to hear from forum members who have used portable devices to determine which paint matches the color of a given surface. I notice there are "apps" for smart phones that purportedly do this. e.g. https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/try-on-colors/colorsnap-mobile Do these...
  19. C

    Paint mixing - without mixing

    I am looking for a way that I can mix many colours of paint into the same container without it blending together and making other colours. I make liquid art and have seen others make images where i can see many colours in the liquid. The base of what I use at the moment is methycelluslose ...
  20. D

    MHB How many minutes does it take 14 people to paint 14 walls

    I need help with a question that has been bugging me for a while Here is the question It takes 28 minutes for 7 people to paint 7 walls. How many minutes does it take 14 people to paint 14 walls?
  21. T

    Rolling a spray paint cap on a surface

    Hi there, I noticed that when I release the cap it moves forward slightly (away from me) which I attribute to the surface being not level and my hand applying a small force. However, the cap will roll backwards afterwards (towards me). What is causing the cap to roll back and forth? It...
  22. Greg Bernhardt

    Chemical/Paint Paint bubbling off wood beam DIY help

    As you can see from the image a vertical portion of my wall (a wood beam) has developed this vertical bubbling where the paint is being rejected. It spans from the ceiling to floor. First thing I thought of was water damage, but as I chip away at the paint and get to the wood it doesn't seem...
  23. H

    I Plasmonic pixels could be used to make non-fading paint

  24. Mastico

    Special Ink invisible to the eye

    Greetings all, I am quite new to this forum so please forgive me if this is on the wrong thread. I recently purchased some reflective paint which sprays on clear and appears white/silver once light hits it at night. However I am looking for a type of paint that is invisible to the naked eye...
  25. Superposed_Cat

    What causes paint to change colour over time?

    What compounds,reactions and factors cause modern day paint to change hue intensity over time? Any help appreciated.
  26. Mastico

    A paint for magician's trick?

    Greetings Forum Members, I am quite new to this & this is my first post. To tell you guys a little bit about me I am a magician that creates effects and I figured that when I am stuck I should go somewhere and ask people that are smarter than me :-). First Question: Is there any kind of...
  27. Spinnor

    Interesting slow motion of paint on vibrating speaker.

    Skip to the good stuff at 1:41 and 1:52 and anywhere you see paint, can't embed link at the right time. Note the entire speaker flexing at 1:42 (slow both links down further if you can).
  28. F

    Soap and water not suitable for washing paint thinner off?

    I found paint thinner (aka. mineral spirits in US, white spirit in UK) very useful in cleaning tough stains on tiles, etc. However I notice that even after washing my hand several times and rubbing for a long time with soap the smell of the paint thinner does not go away from my hands. I'm a...
  29. sheenamd1

    Waterborne Paint Viscosity Reduction Equation?

    Hello! I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I am trying to come up with an equation to predict the viscosity of a waterborne paint after it has been reduced 10% with DI water. The following viscosities were measured at 20*C on a Ford #4 cup, units are in seconds. The...
  30. Puma

    Best colour to make paint UV resistant

    Hi I am looking to repaint my windows. I've noticed that black paint lasts very well generally. I don't really want my windows black. Is there anyway I can reduce uv damage to the binder in the paint by adding some UV blocking colour? I've googled UV blocking pigments but it doesn't seem to come...
  31. I

    Heat Generating Coating/Paint

    Hi I have a project where I am trying to make a coating or paint that will give off heat when an electrical current is passed through it. I got graphite powder and made it into a paste and allowed it to dry on a substrate. The problem is that it is highly resistive (a small section has a...
  32. L

    Car paint blocking signal to my drone's antenna

    Hello all, I have a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ and I just recently had it painted. It is painted like a car would be painted. Ever since the new paint job, my drone is not flying right. It is displaying symptoms of Radio Frequency (RF) interference. The main issue is that it is now flying...
  33. A

    Paint high T, high emissivity for Black Body simulation

    Hi all! I would be interested in paints that show very high absorptivity/emissivity and that can withstand high temperatures (ideally above 1000°C) and used in vacuum. Do you have any commercial suggestions? Thank you!
  34. M

    Can i paint PVC Nitrile rubber? with plasti-dip? toxic?

    Here's what I'm trying to paint: http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.com/product/net-upgrade-armour-flat/2418 I'm trying to paint this black. Can i paint these yellow pads with some sort of non toxic spray paint? Or what about plastidip (which i think is nontoxic). I was even thinking of using a...
  35. karush

    MHB Another work to paint house problem

    Clarissa and Shawna, working together, can paint the exterior of a house in 6 days. Clarissa by herself can complete this job in 5 days less than Shawna. How long will it take Clarissa to complete the job by herself? well if they work equally then $\frac{1}{12}+\frac{1}{12}=\frac{1}{6}$ but...
  36. S

    Concentration of paint in each bowl after certain time

    Homework Statement We are taking a closer look at three identical bowls with volume ##10l##. At the beginning only the first bowl is full with water mixed with ##0.5kg## of paint. The other two bowls are empty. Than we provide a constant flow of ##0.05 l/s## of clear water straight into the...
  37. L

    Special substance (adhesive or paint)

    Hi ! Can you recommend me a glue or paint or other chemical substance with the following properties: - should be transparent -should have a refr. index less than 1.6 -could be easily peeled off from glass - should not dissolve in the same substance after drying (I want to make a thin...
  38. N

    How can I calculate the amount of paint needed?

    Hi all. So I need to calculate the approximate liters of paint needed to paint 500 pieces about 0.85m2 (580mm by 730mm rectangular pieces, 2 sided) each. The specifications allow thickness of 50 microns. Also I'd like to add 30% over-spray just in case. How do I calculate the amount of...
  39. N

    Angular Momentum of a paint ball

    Homework Statement A paint ball fires a ball of putty at a pendulum at a speed of 14 m/s, with a mass of 53g, at an angle of 42 degrees below the horizontal. The pendulum is made of a thin bar 51 cm long and mass of 310 g. The sphere fixed to the end of the pendulum is 17 cm in radius and has...
  40. karush

    MHB *est amt of paint to a coat of paint 0.05 cm thick

    Use differentials to estimate the amount of paint needed to apply a coat of paint 0.05 \text{ cm} thick to a hemispherical dome with a diameter of 50\text{ m} $\displaystyle V_h=\frac{1}{2} \cdot\frac{4}{3}\pi\text{r}^3 = \frac{4}{6}\pi\text{r}^3$ $dV_h = 2\pi\cdot r^2\cdot \text{dr}$ so if...
  41. Y

    Gauss's Law and charged paint

    Homework Statement A charged paint is spread in a very thin uniform layer over the surface of a plastic sphere of diameter 10.5 cm, giving it a charge of -22.3 µC. (a) Find the magnitude of the electric field just inside the paint layer. (b) Find the magnitude of the electric field just...
  42. mishima

    Stargazing White paint of radio telescopes

    I was wondering what kind of paint is used for radio telescopes, generally. In the case of the Green Bank Telescope, the idea is to get white at visible wavelengths, black at mid-infrared, and transparent at radio wavelengths. Titanium dioxide based paint was one substance cited on the...
  43. J

    Best colour to paint something to keep cool

    Hi, could anyone tell me please, what would be the best colour to paint a boat to keep the cabin cool in a tropical climate? I think the answer probably is white because it will absorb less radiation, but I'm not sure because of course it will also emit radiation better as well. Any...
  44. L

    I want to get a paint design on my car

    My car is just a plain green Mazda 2, and I'm starting to see a lot of those around. I wanted mine to be different somehow, plus the plain green is getting kinda stale. I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with getting a design painted on their car. I have some questions about...
  45. F

    Fix Paint Damage After Removing Foam: Tips & Advice

    A lot of you seem like the "handy" type so maybe you can give me some advice. A friend of my had some acoustic foam on his wall (with spray-on adhere stuff), removed the foam, and now some foam is stuck and in other spots some of the paint was removed. 1. How should I remove the remaining...
  46. S

    How good is a chalkboard paint?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has an experience with chalkboard paint. I just moved into a new house and I am considering painting a wall with chalkboard paint. Is it as effective as a real chalkboard? I'm going to write intensively on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  47. L

    Torque of man on a beam trying to paint his house

    A man of mass mm = 95 kg decides to paint his house. To do this, he builds a platform using a uniform beam with a mass of mb = 100 kg and a length of L = 7 meters. The beam is supported by two sawhorses, as shown in the diagram above. 1) If the man stands over the support at point B...
  48. S

    Altering the odor of paint thinners

    Hi all , Does anyone know what the best and cheapest way to alter the smell of paint thinners . I would assume adding a concentrated fragrance that would evaporate would do the trick . Please advise ?Thanks
  49. C

    High Emissivity Paint for Aluminium Surface

    Hey, I am making a furnace...which uses Aluminium material. Does anyone knows a paint which can be used for applying on Aluminium Surface and which works upto 500 degree Celsius and has high emissivity.
  50. T

    Transparent paint carrier of electrical current

    Hello ... Please , I want a transparent paint for a glass or plastic that carrier of electrical current. If it is existing in market ( what is the brand name) or there is a way to be manufactured by local materials available. Another question ... Is there a dry metal compound (powder)...