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Best options for entering engineering

  1. Jul 26, 2010 #1
    For the last year I have been upgrading all the courses I would need to get into engineering.

    Fall: Math 10, Physics 20
    Winter: Math 20, Physics 30, Chem 30
    Spring: Math 30

    So looking at my schedule I didn't think I could get Math 31(calculus) this year. However looking at the BSc Physics it said it only required Math 30, and since I really like physics I thought I'd sign up for that. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I can make my schedule for next year and I notice most of the Math/Physics classes require Math 31, except for the basic classes which I'm not interested in taking.
    At this point I was looking at my options and found I could do Math 31 online and have been doing so for the past few weeks trying to finish before September.
    Now I decided to switch over to Engineering since I can get the course I need, however I'm too late and get waitlisted.

    It was pretty dumb of me not to do more research but now that I can get all my requirements what is my best option here?
    I was told that if I do 1st year of BSc Physics, if I decide to transfer over to engineering they would adjust my GPA down as a result (Not sure if I heard that right but something to do with having experience in similar courses) Plus if that happened it would make it harder to get into my preferred field of engineering.
    Plus the cost is something I'd rather save.

    I'm not sure whats best to do here. I can hope I get in on waitlist but failing that what are the best options for trying to get to engineering?
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  3. Jul 28, 2010 #2
    There are many ways to fill the course requirement most likely. Take the class on-line and transfer the credit in. Do independent study and test out of the class.
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