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Best software to show a solid of revolution

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    I am doing a project for the math department and in it I would like to revolve this piecewise (3) function about the x axis. I have found programs like winplot which are pretty easy but it will only show the finished product. I am looking for something that I can either manipulate or it will revolve by itself to show the concept behind a solid of revolution. I looked at mathematica but I am not too familiar with that, does anyone know anything simple off hand?

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    povray might be an overkill for a publication quality math paper...

    I was thinking that something more along the lines of a math or plotting package might be sufficient and easy enough...just lately I saw the gallery for some Linux plotting program and now I just can't recall it...but, you may look into the capabilities of such programs like Octave, Maxima and Euler, they should all be available for free in your friendly Linux Ubuntu installation under Scientific or Engineering software.
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