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Best Time to Learn Critical Thinking Skills

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    Now, I'm aware that the best time to learn a new language it during your toddler years. This got me thinking. What if the best time to learn logical thinking is also during this time? I know for a fact that kids are not taught critical thinking skills. I tutored many kids and only see them do basic plug and chug problems. Sometimes I even have to make up my own problems because they are so bored. Anyways, I want to hear your opinions. When do you guys think is the best time to train the brain?
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    jim hardy

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    My opinion - the younger the better, for the skills. Weren't Mozart and Beethoven trained as toddlers?

    Does anyone else recall a BBC documentary that followed about a dozen kids from age five to middle years? Most of them turned out about the way they had been programmed by age five.

    I was an "Erector Set" kid.

    Don't know what the video game generations will turn out to be.
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    I was a religious kid
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    The documentary was called 7Up, 14Up, 21Up, 28Up. Some of the people looked the same at every age. Others were unrecognizable at each age. I couldn't make any generalization.
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    I learnt it when I was forking with my dongle.
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    Me too. Not enough evidence, but at least for me my logic "came" in 9th grade, and is constantly developing via physics forums :cool:
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