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Best Undegrad course in theoretical physics

  1. May 10, 2015 #1
    Hi all,
    My long term goal is to become a theoretical physicist, General relativity being my field of interest. I am not sure about the university I should choose for my undergraduate course. I am from India, but I want to pursue my undergrad, graduate and PhD from a US or UK university( In case that doesn't work out, I'll go to IISc). My initial choice was the Math Tripos at Cambridge, but now I have my doubts about the physics portion(or rather, applied math, as they say). I don't want to go with NatSci because (1) I hate experiments (2) I am not sure if I will get the math I need in the long run.
    So, I now turn my interest towards US universities. Stanford and Princeton have a decent physics course, but again, I am not sure about the math included. Yes, I want to be a physicist, and yes, I love mathematics, so I don't want to compromise on that either. SO, coming back to the question-
    If I want to become a theoretical physicist, which is the best undergrad option for me? Math tripos or NatSci tripos? Or, a university in United states among stanford, princeton, or MIT?
    Also, if I would go to cambridge, I could apply for the Manmohan Singh undergraduate scholarship. But I am not sure if any scholarships exist for Princeton etc. Any suggestions for scholarships?
    Thanks in advance!
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