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A full-course dinner is a dinner consisting of multiple dishes, or courses. In its simplest form, it can consist of three or four courses; for example: first course, a main course, and dessert.

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  1. G

    Chemistry Help Needed with Chemistry MIT Course Question

    Hello, I have a doubt in a question from a chemistry MIT course: My attempt is attached. The formula given in the lecture is D = Do * exp(-Ea + Delta Gn)/RT However, they don't explain what Delta Gn is, I suppose it is Gibbs free energy, but as the statement doesn't give any other extra energy...
  2. C

    Advice for self-study Intro to Mechanics course?

    TL;DR Summary: Is there a mental model for setting up equations of motion and related mathematical equations when tackling mechanics problems? Hi there, I'm going through a first year mechanics textbook (An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner et al) from MIT OpenCourseware as I'm interested...
  3. confusedandroid

    Studying How should I actually be studying during my undergrad physics course?

    im a first year physics student near half way through the year and I still cant get to grips with what how im supposed to study. I try to rewrite my lecture notes using the textbook as the lectures seem to miss out a fair bit of information (and we were told to do this), but this takes me so...
  4. Astronuc

    Coldest Place on Earth - in Antarctica, of course

    What’s the coldest spot on Earth? NASA has pinpointed it — and the nights are deadly https://www.yahoo.com/news/coldest-spot-earth-nasa-pinpointed-125903009.html
  5. caffeinemachine

    I Full Course in Group Theory (and More) on YouTube

    I created a YouTube channel (here's the link) a few months ago in which I post detailed lectures in higher mathematics. I just finished my Group Theory Course. Here is a sample video. Apart from that, so far I have uploaded A first course on Linear Algebra (which I am currently renovating). A...
  6. shivajikobardan

    Which Bootstrap Course is Best for Learning Frontend Web Development?

    I'm struggling with frontend. Although my basics of html,css are clear, I'm having trouble in building websites and I'm just putting baby steps towards it(made my first simple html css site today). Thus a guidance from a mentor would be really helpful to me in learning. If I don't find any...
  7. S

    Comp Sci 8 bit block division -- University Level Intro Course: Networking

    What I think I should do: 1 = 0001 7 = 0111 3 = 0011 First block = 00010111 Second Block = 00110000 Now, I do binary division 00010111/11010 = find the answer 00110000/11010 = find the answer This is what I think I should do, but I am not sure if this is correct. Is this basically CRC? Any...
  8. S

    Comp Sci Parity Check Question -- University Level Intro Course: Networking

    What I know: Parity check is used to detect if there are errors when transmitting data by adding redundancy bits to the dataword (data that we want to send) which creates a codeword. Then the receiver checks if the 1's are even or odd and based on that, we know that there was corruption during...
  9. .Scott

    Exploring Software Dev: Par for the Course & Rod Serling Sightings

    An EE coworker who's exploring software development just complained that his code that worked yesterday doesn't work now - and he hasn't changed anything. He said it within earshot of several more experienced programmers (including Yours Truly). The immediate reactions were chuckles and "yeah...
  10. Kalebh03

    Courses Freshman Physics Major Struggles in University Course

    I'm currently a freshman physics major coming into university from an early college high school, so I was lucky enough to have some experience taking college level physics courses before I came to university. I didn't think that those courses were rigorous enough in comparison to what I've heard...
  11. C

    Building a step by step course for different subjects in mathematics

    Hi, I mostly do Self study and I was wondering how to build up a course ie the.different levels from beginner to advanced in the fields of linear algebra, optimization (rbfs etc), statistics and probability? Suggestions of books with the various levels is welcome. Please help me out in this as...
  12. S

    Programs I want to enroll in a beginning programming course

    Long ago I studied one and only one beginning programming course. The only requirement or prerequisite was a couple of remedial Mathematics courses (Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, and maybe Trigonometry). No other computer courses needed as prerequisites. With much struggling, I earned a C. The...
  13. MidgetDwarf

    Analysis Book needed for Applied Linear Analysis Course

    The course description is as follows: Description Function spaces, convergence, inner product, bounded linear operators, integral operators and integral equations, adjoint operators, expansion in eigenfunctions, resolvent, kernel The instructor is on sabbatical, until the start of the class...
  14. MathematicalPhysicist

    Suggestions for future reading — Supergravity by Freedman or A First Course in String Theory by Zweibach?

    What do you recommend to read first, Supergravity by Freedman or A First Course in String Theory by Zweibach? For future consideration.
  15. J

    Preparing for a Quantum Computation Course: Superconducting Qubits

    Summary:: Looking for articles/books to prepare myself for the course: Quantum computation with superconducting qubits Hello everyone. I am about to take a course in Quantum computation with superconducting qubits and I am searching for material to prepare it. I took a first course on that...
  16. Jamestein Newton

    Courses Is it necessary for theoretical physics students to take a course in PDE?

    By PDE. The book written by Walter Alexander Strauss perfect described a typical undergraduate PDE course I have in my mind. It should at least include: Laplace equations, waves and diffusions reflection, boundary problems, Fourier series The content of the book I mentioned can also be found...
  17. codelieb

    Classical FLP Original Course Handouts at The Feynman Lectures Website

    Hello, everyone. The first large collection of FLP-related content posted at The Feynman Lectures Website was 744 pages of FLP classroom handouts (including laboratory guidelines, descriptions of experiments, homework, quizzes and exams, lecture summaries and outlines) donated by one of...
  18. Jamestein Newton

    Particle Better Textbooks than Griffiths for Particle Physics 101

    Griffiths "introduction to elementary particles" serves a great introduction as a first course on particle physics for undergraduate students. But what are the possible alternatives of this textbook? Like being more beneficial in the long run, more time-consuming, for aspired students. But it...
  19. F

    Prob/Stats Which Probability books are good for the first course?

    Please tell me some good books on Probability for first course.
  20. matqkks

    MHB What is the best way to introduce Laplace transforms in an Engineering Mathematics course?

    Are there any practical applications of Laplace transform? I would not use Laplace transforms to solve first, second-order ordinary differential equations as it is much easier by other methods even if it has a pulse forcing function. How can Laplace transforms be introduced so that students are...
  21. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Learning Pseudocode: A Crash Course for Beginners

    I found pseudocode for this problem below-: def minimax(current node): if is_leaf(current_node): return static_evaluation(current_node) if is_min_node(current_node): return min(minimax(children_of(current_node))) if is_max_node(current_node): return...
  22. Philip Koeck

    I Reading course in statistical physics

    This is the beginning of an online reading course of the book "Statistical physics" by Reif, volume 5 in the Berkeley physics course, using PF. We'll start with chapter 3 and loop back to the initial 2 chapters if necessary. All questions should be specifically about what is written in the this...
  23. F

    Intro Math How good is "A Course of Higher Mathematics" by Smirnov?

    Is it worthwhile to read the book Course of Higher Mathematics by Smirnov?It is a serie so may be it easy to read because there are not gaps when reading process occur(?) for self-study mathematics for physics?
  24. Haorong Wu

    Courses Is Dropping Out of a GR Course a Smart Move for a Future PhD Applicant?

    Hi. I am currently studying for my master's degree in physics. My credits for graduation are sufficient. But I am quite interested in GR. I have learned it by myself by studying two textbooks. In this new semester, I selected a course for GR. But in the first class, the professor did not give me...
  25. C

    Most Fundamental or Important Class for Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

    Summary:: I am looking to take a engineering classes relevant to mechanical and or aerospace engineering. I am challenging my assumption that Statics & Dynamics is the most important and foundational/fundamental course to either mechanical or aerospace engineering (maybe fluid dynamics for...
  26. Vividly

    Where can I take a general physics course 101 at online?

    Summary:: Where can I take a general physics course 101 at online? Looking for a general physics course that starts with algebra that I can do online.
  27. july21

    Studying Seeking your suggestions on my upcoming undergraduate course workload

    I'm an upcoming undergraduate physics student and I had make a brief plan on my undergraduate study. sem 1: general chemistry, introphy1+lab, calculus, linear algebra 1 sem 2: advanced calculus 1, introphy2&3+2labs sem 3: advanced calculus 2, classical mechanics 1, electrodynamics 1, linear...
  28. samantha_allen

    Courses Should I take a group theory course before QFT?

    I know that studying QFT requires understanding Lie Groups and infinitesimal generators as they correspond to symmetry transformations. I want to study or take a course (offered by my university) in QFT in the coming academic year and I have the option to take a abstract algebra course offered...
  29. zeljkodj2000

    Engineering What are the job prospects for a control systems or electric power engineer?

    Hello, I am a first year student at the Faculty of Electronics in Serbia. In October, I have to choose the direction, I am hesitant between control system(automation) and electric power. What should I choose, what is more promising, where are the higher salaries...
  30. babylonsashes

    Courses Which math course should I take (as a physics major)?

    I am entering my third year as a physics major, I have space for around 2 math courses this term and I plan on taking 2 from these courses: - Introduction to Analysis II - Functional Analysis - Introduction to the Calculus of Variations - Algebra I I am pretty sure I will take Analysis II...
  31. IDontHaveAName

    Admissions Having an A- average in upper division physics course

    Hello, all I'm a rising senior who's about to apply for grad school. However, this year has been a rough year for me as my overall grade has declined a bit, especially in that I did not do well in 3 core major courses: mechanics B and EM II I got a B and STAT MECH B+(sadly, I thought i deserved...
  32. V

    MHB Creating An Awesome Statistics Course For Students

    Hi everybody, my name is Vaughny. I was once a statistics tutor, and I loved making statistics easier to understand for those who struggle learning the material. I've seen students in high school and college go through a painful experience of not having enough resources or just having horrible...
  33. F

    Linear Algebra What are good books for a third course in Linear Algebra?

    What are the suitable books in linear algebra for third course for self-study after reading Linear Algebra done right by Axler and Algebra by Artin?
  34. F

    Linear Algebra What are good second course books in linear algebra for self-study?

    What are best second course(undergraduate) books in linear algebra for self-study?I have already read Introduction to Linear Algebra by Lang.
  35. R

    Classical Radiometry & Sensing Course: Find Syllabus Here

    This course is teaching a lot of stuff I'm interested in, which is radiometry and sensing. I don't want to email the instructor as I am not a student at this school, so it would just seem like I'm some nosey nobody. Does anybody have any idea of what they are using, or something similar to what...
  36. ThiccV2

    Courses Course choices for a student interested in structural biology

    Hey! I'm majoring in biochemistry (interested in MD/PhD), with interests in structural biology, protein dynamics, molecular dynamics, etc. and so I am taking some extra physics and math courses to help supplement my interests and better prepare me for graduate work. Do you guys think two...
  37. snatchingthepi

    Advice for my first course in Discrete Signal Processing?

    Summary:: I'm about to take my first course in DSP. It is a one term graduate course using the 4th edition of Proakis. I'm about to take my first course in DSP. It is a one term graduate EE course using the 4th edition of Proakis. Does anyone with experience in this have useful advice for such...
  38. F

    A First Course in Graduate Quantum Mechanics Resources

    What are some resources that you would suggest for a first course in graduate quantum mechanics? This includes textbooks, online courses such as MIT OCW(includes homework/exams), and online lecture notes?
  39. sahilmm15

    Other High School Trigonometry course

    Can you review this high school trigonometry course. I am having a hard time finding a course about trigonometry for intermediates. I am clear with my basics and want to dive in deep now.Thanks for any suggestions!http://www.mecmath.net/trig/trigbook.pdf
  40. E

    Online course for probability and statistics with emphasis on python

    I have been looking for a way to learn probability and statistics online and have searched but found nothing yet. I am looking for a course on probability and statistics that will not only teach me the basics but all there is to know about the subject. I would love it if the visualizations are...
  41. quixote

    Courses Course on Semiconductor Physics as part of my EE degree

    Hey, need a bit of a help. me, an electrical engg. student is confused at this point that my university offers a course(half semester) on "Electronic Devices(ED)" as they call it; as you can infer from the attachment. As I watch the lectures it turns out to be an intermediate course on the...
  42. solklar

    Quantum Could you finish a course in QM (using Griffiths) with another book?

    Hello! I was wondering if there'd be any problems using another QM book (like Shankar, Ballentine etc) in a course where the standard literature is Griffiths Introduction to Quantum Mechanics? By that I mean is there ever any disadvantages to going to a more advanced textbook (assuming you...
  43. B

    What's the best way to boost my career and salary in a different field?

    Hi guys, I'm 10 years into civil engineering (geotechnical) but it's not paying much so now I am trying to course correct with the least amount of financial damage. What's the best thing i can do now to boost my career salary or go into a different field? I want to get an add on...
  44. AndreasC

    Is Yuri Manin's A Course in Mathematical Logic generally unsound?

    A book that has really caught my attention recently is Yuri Manin's A Course in Mathematical Logic for Mathematicians. I am very interested in the foundations of mathematics and mathematical logic, plus I noticed that it had some chapters on quantum logic, so I started skimming through it...
  45. Satyanneshi

    Classical No review of the book "Physics : A general course" by Savelyev

    I came to know of a old russian book "Physics : A general course" by Savelyev. I have heard that the book was popular in USSR. Strangely, I could not find any review or mention of this book in the internet (searched through Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo). PhysicsForum - One post of one thread...
  46. DartomicTech

    What math course is Quaternion math taught in?

    Summary:: I want to learn Quaternion math. Also; I do not know what prefix my question falls under. I just learn maths from books. I don't know which parts of school they are taught in. I was hoping that I would get to learn about that subject in my Linear Algebra textbook, but I looked...
  47. V

    Which course should I take? (General/Special Relativity or Astrophysics)

    I'm about to be a senior in the physics program. I can choose General/Special Relativity or Astrophysics. The astrophysics course is not as intensive - the GR/SR course requires mechanics and is more math-savvy. I've been doing some modeling with Lagrangian mechanics for star systems etc. and...
  48. T

    Should I enroll in a python course or java? (I’m studying physics)

    Python based course or java course ?. I will be taking an introductory computer programming course . One is python based and the other is java based. The java based course has 2 semesters and goes more in depth with programming . Would it be useful to just take the java courses and get the...
  49. MathematicalPhysicist

    I Inquiry about a derivation in "A First Course in GR" by Schutz

    on page 269 it's written in the second edition of Schutz's textbook that ##(10.69)p_c/\rho_c=\beta (2-5\beta)^{-1}##. Demanding that this be less than ##1/7## gives: ##(10.70) 0<\beta < 1/6## Now, if I am not mistaken on page 268 in equation (10.57) the condition should be ##p_c/\rho_c >1/7##...
  50. MountEvariste

    MHB Free online course in Algebraic Geometry by Ravi Vakil

    Ravi Vakil is teaching an online course in Algebraic Geometry over the summer due to COVID-19 for free. It's based on his Foundations of Algebraic Geometry notes (for Math 216 at Stanford). It's starting soon. https://math216.wordpress.com/