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Big Bounce and varying constants

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    I noticed this on the wikipedia page of the big bounce:
    " All the so-called fundamental physical constants, including the speed of light in a vacuum, were not so constant during the Big Crunch, especially in the interval stretching 10−43 seconds before and after the point of inflection. "

    But I havent noticed much discussion of this in the literature and there is no referecne to it on the wiki page itself, not even a "citation needed" either.
    Is this somehting:
    1) necessarily implied by bouncing comsologies?
    2) implied by some bouncing comsologies but not others?
    3) never mentioned in bouncing comsologies?

    Anyone know any references where this is discussed in the literature?
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    That sounds like extreme speculation to me. There are regular bounce models that don't do anything funny at the bounce.
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    The trouble with bounce models is they depend on fixed constants. A bounce without a fixed constant, like gravity, is in serious trouble.
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