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Bounce music is a style of New Orleans hip hop music that is said to have originated as early as the late 1980s in the city's housing projects. Popular bounce artists have included DJ Jubilee, Partners-N-Crime, Magnolia Shorty and Big Freedia.

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  1. M

    Conservation of Energy in Trampoline Bounce

    I was able to calculate the correct answer (given by a solution sheet), V=5.364 m/s, using the momentum impulse equation, P0+J=Pf. If this value is correct, however, I don't understand how energy is being conserved. The speed increases after the person bounces off the trampoline while the mass...
  2. C

    What type of ball can bounce and travel the most?

    From what I have investigated, I know that dimples do a large part of the process of going far, and elasticity for sure is something of the main bounce thing, but things that confuse me like if the ball is empty affects both characteristics, or if the same dimples affect the bounce of the ball...
  3. T

    Ball's motion after one bounce off the ground - SUVAT Question (ENGAA 2017)

    Please scroll-down to the end (Question 54): https://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/files/publications/engineering_s1_qp_2017.pdf I have also been referring to unofficial worked solutions (http://www.engineeringadmissionsassessment.com/2017-solutions.html), but I didn't understand how it...
  4. U

    I Big bounce theory in light of the closed Universe finding

    As you all know: Planck evidence for a closed Universe and a possible crisis for cosmology https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-019-0906-9 If confirmed, it would bring back the Big Bounce as a possible hypothesis for the evolution of the universe. This has long-term consequences being that...
  5. T

    Bounce of the cue ball in snooker

    I was watching a game of snooker, and sometimes the cue ball bounces off the cushions with surprisingly high speed. Some people often say that it comes off the cushion faster than it went into it. And I started thinking - is that even possible? Does physics work that way?
  6. A

    Average force during a ball's elastic bounce off of a plate

    Homework Statement [/B]Homework Equations For this problem I have calculated the average force as ∫ Fdt/ ∫dt And using a(acceleration)=2h(height)/t2 and calculating the numerator it comes out -2m(mass)h/t ,but what will be the limit of the intergral in that case ?? Of course the...
  7. Y

    Why do sound waves not bounce off of each other?

    If air is made up real little particles, then why would the waves made up of these particles not bounce off? Here's my attempt at an explanation for the principle of superposition for soundwaves. The wave is transferred by the air molecules hitting the ones adjacent to it. But because air is...
  8. R

    What causes a spinning ball to bounce forward?

    The ball is given no initial horizontal velocity. It is however given an initial angular velocity of 76 rad/s and allowed to drop vertically from a height of 0.835m. Right after the ball bounces its vertical velocity is 3.1m/s upwards and its forward horizontal velocity is 1.838m/s and the ball...
  9. wolram

    B How probable is the big bounce

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bounce I may be wrong but my reasoning to think the bouncing universe is true is because dark energy can not be infinite and gravity will eventual over come it
  10. S

    I Difference between oscillatory/cyclic model and big bounce?

    If a Big Bounce can occur "after a universal singularity is reached or a repulsive quantum force causes re-expansion" then what differentiates it from oscillatory/cyclic models if both of them defend that the universe will re-expand from a singularity or before that...
  11. Superman123

    How high will UT bounce on a bungee jump from the Golden Gate Bridge?

    1. Ut will bungee jump from the golden gate bridge. The height that she will jump from is 65 meters. The rope pulls her up 8 meters above the water. If UT's weight is 63 kg, how far will the rubber rope pull her upwards, if there's no loss to friction or air resistance? Homework Equations...
  12. G

    What causes a basketball to leave the ground after bouncing?

    Hi all, My understanding for why a basketball bounces is that the Earth acts against the ball, causing it to deform due to the ball having a downwards inertia and wanting to continue traveling down. This deformation reduces the volume inside the ball, in turn increasing the air pressure which...
  13. E

    How much energy is dissipated in the fourth bounce?

    Homework Statement A 0.70-kg basketball dropped on a hardwood floor rises back up to 66 % of its original height.If the basketball is dropped from a height of 1.4 m , how much energy is dissipated in the first bounce?( answer =3.3J). How much energy is dissipated in the fourth bounce? Homework...
  14. E

    How much energy is dissipated in the first bounce?

    Homework Statement A 0.70-kg basketball dropped on a hardwood floor rises back up to 66 % of its original height. If the basketball is dropped from a height of 1.4 m , how much energy is dissipated in the first bounce? Homework Equations U=mgy The Attempt at a Solution U=(0.70)(9.8)(1.4)...
  15. Biscuit

    How many times will a ball bounce before coming to a rest

    I always enjoy physics questions that aren't super complicated and give me something to think about for a day or two. One that has recently come to my head is how many times will a ball bounce before coming to a rest. what formulas should I use to find this out.
  16. UMath1

    Why is friction minimal in a non-ideal ball bounce situation?

    When a ball is bounced against a wall at an angle why is that the wall only applies a normal force perpendicular to the collision location? Shouldn't the force applied by the ball against the wall be along the line at which it travels, at an angle? Then by that logic, by Newton's 3rd Law...
  17. F

    Ball bounce angle on inclined surface

    Homework Statement Ball strikes inclined plane of infinite mass with velocity v vertically. Elastic collisions. Velocity and direction after collision? One way of solving is take components along and perpendicular to inclined plane and then solve easily. Is there any way to solve is using...
  18. x2017

    Find Coefficient of Restitution with just height of the ball after one bounce

    Homework Statement A ball is dropped from a height of 9.02 m. After hitting the ground, the ball then rebounds to a height of 1.78 m. What is the coefficient of restitution associated with the ball and ground impact? Homework Equations e=(V'-v')/(V-v) The Attempt at a Solution I thought maybe...
  19. G

    What materials bounce cowhide or vulcanized rubber most?

    I am trying to find out what material that cowhide or vulcanized rubber will bounce off the most? (High school student working on a patent, so really not too experienced with materials engineering.)
  20. jbm1939

    Ball dropped out a truck window, find bounce height and dist

    Homework Statement A ball weighing 0.2 lbs is dropped out the window of a pickup truck moving horizontally at 45 mph. If the C.O.R. (e) between the ball and the ground is equal to 0.6, find the height of the ball's first bounce and the horizontal distance it will travel before bouncing again...
  21. E

    If I throw an iron ball at a magnet, the ball will bounce of

    Heat seems like the easy answer, but interparticle collisions should decrease as the ball slows.
  22. marcus

    For myKK, in bounce models what drives prior contraction?

    Big bounce cosmic models, as a research topic, shouldn't be confused with cyclic models where there is a recurrent bounce. The earlier thread by mykamakiri got a bit distracted because of that kind of confusion so I thought I would split off a separate topic just to focus on the question in the...
  23. mykamakiri

    In big bounce models, what drives the contracting phase?

    We know that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. In big bounce (or oscillatory) models of the universe, why does the expansion of the universe end? And what drives the following, contracting phase? Is it possible that dark energy could inverse its action at some point in the...
  24. A

    Bounce Physics of Ball in Unity Game - Alex

    I am making a game where a ball rolls along the ground collecting coins. The ball is inside four walls. I want to know what the equation for the ball hitting the wall and coming back is. I want the speed and to find the angle aswell. The ball stays at a solid speed of 10 and has a mass of 1 kg...
  25. Liam Lau

    What Determines the Decreasing Height of a Bouncing Ball?

    Homework Statement Why does a ball bounce less and less high, even though the force exerted by the ground on the ball is the same, due to Newton's third law. I do understand the ball loses energy as heat energy. Homework Equations F=ma ; F1=-F2 The Attempt at a Solution I'm just curious why...
  26. hxtasy

    Bounce light back and forth between mirrors forever?

    [Mentors' note - this post was forked off from this thread because it's an interesting question in its own right] I would also like clarification on this. if you throw a rubber ball at concrete, it will "bounce off". if you throw the rubber ball at mud, the mud will absorb it and it will stay...
  27. C

    Calculating the Frequency of Vertical Vibration in a Bouncing Car

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me.I'm stuck in this problem..I want to make sure I made it right before sending to the teacher.Thank you very much 1. Homework Statement An 80.0 kg student sits down in his 920 kg car, and his weight causes the causes the car's springs to sink an additional 4.0 x...
  28. M

    How to predict how far a spinning ball will bounce?

    Homework Statement If I were to drop a spinning ball vertically, the spin would cause the ball to bounce a certain horizontal difference. Intuitively, the rougher the surface it bounces against, the further the ball should bounce. How would you quantify this relationship? Homework EquationsThe...
  29. B

    Chaos Theory and the Prolate Spheroid

    Rugby balls and American footballs are prolate spheroids. As such, their bounce patterns seem sporadic - they tend to bounce to different heights and in different directions even when they appear to hit the ground with a constant angle, speed, and spin. Does this behaviour relate to chaos...
  30. slatts

    Scale of perturbations re entropy, in quantum bounce

    In Bojowald's 2010 popularization of Loop Quantum Cosmology Once Before Time, there's a sketchy diagram (on his p.125) showing quantum perturbations in a transitional phase between contracting and expanding universes as widest at earlier times of decreasing volume, narrowing at the...
  31. S

    Is the ball's height the same on Earth and Mars?

    Hi, I understand that if a ball is dropped on Earth and dropped on mars, the ball will reach the same height on both planets thanks the law of conservation of energy. Can anyone prove this mathematically? Thanks in advance
  32. wabbit

    Is the Origin of Time at the Bounce in LQC a Solution to the Entropy Problem?

    My understanding is that, in the standard GR BB model, an expanding universe starts with infinite spacetime curvature but zero space curvature; but a collapsing universe ends with a diverging, spagghettifying spatial curvature - very different animals. The LQC bounce however connects, through a...
  33. C

    Determining a specific frequency to make the ball bounce

    So, here's the set-up: A small stereo speaker is connected to a function generator. A concave lens, bearing a ball is place over the speaker. Now, the frequency is slowly increased in the function generator. My question is, Will the ball really bounce at a certain frequency? Because I am not...
  34. Ritzycat

    Bouncing ball - How many times does it bounce

    Problem statement: I have a 0.0506kg bouncy ball that will I drop at 1.75m. I must predict how many times it will bounce before it comes to a rest. My work: We did a lab to predict the percent of energy "lost" from each bounce. After doing some calculations with my data, I found that, on...
  35. T

    Question about the "Bounce" model of BH and Anisotropy

    I have some doubts/questions about the new BH model. This model gains popularity, but does it make any sense? Q1. Assuming the extreme time dilation inside BH, even tiny anisotropy after the bounce leads to HUGE (billion years) differences in the time of the visible explosion. One can argue...
  36. L

    How to simulate Ground bounce on AC line

    I am not talking about Digital circuit ground bounce on PCB. How do I simulate a Ground bounce for a system that runs on 220V AC. In real field conditions, the system might be connected to different grounds. How do i replicate this in the lab. Can I have a SPDT relay between GND1 & GND2...
  37. A

    Do photons bounce into each other?

    if photons bounce into each other at a frequent rate, and photons bouncing off of each other may result in large change in direction of motion... then why don't we see "junk" photons? photons that enter our eye not because they bounced off a surface, but instead bounces off of another photon?
  38. J

    Quantum Bounce & White Holes: Could Black Holes Create Them?

    Does quantum bounce provide a solution by which black holes could on some other side of the universe or in another universe create white holes Sent from my iPhone using Physics Forums Jim P
  39. W

    How do neutrons bounce off one another?

    My understanding of what allows me to touch, say, a desk is that the desk electrons become very near the electrons on my hand and the electric force repels them. However, if I have 2 electrically neutral particles, such as neutrons, why do they not just pass through each other or something...
  40. D

    Compressed vertical spring bounce

    1. First let me start by saying that there are similar posts about this, but I wasn't able to figure out what I need through those. A 3.45 kg mass vertically compresses a spring 67.0 cm before it starts to rebound. How high will the Mass move above the uncompressed if the mass is left to...
  41. N

    Energy During Motion and Bounce of a Ball

    Here are the questions: If a ball is thrown upwards with a initial velocity (u) from the hand, the ball throws to the highest point and after bouncing the floor, it bounces back to its initial position. In this case, it is said that air resistance is not negligible. Okay, I am confused by...
  42. T

    Does a ball always bounce the same fraction of the previous height?

    Homework Statement I need to know whether a ping pong ball bounces the same fraction of the previous height or does the fraction change? For ex. if I drop the ball from 1m and it bounces back to 0.7m, it decreased by 30%, will it always decrease by 30%, or will the percentage change...
  43. A

    Height of ball bounce with air resistance

    Homework Statement Ball with mass of 0.7 kg and radius 0.15 m is dropped from top of the building 30 m tall. Force of air resistance which acts on ball is given with the equation: F_r = \frac{1}{2} c S ρ v^2 where c = 0.5 S = r^2 ∏ ρ = 1.29 \frac{kg}{m^3} v = current speed. How tall will...
  44. M

    Conceptualizing the Big Bounce in LQC

    Could someone please settle something conceptually for me if possible? marcus, if you catch this, please help me out. Consistent probabilities in loop quantum cosmology - Craig, Sing http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.6142 "Consistent with the prediction that "all states bounce", as noted all...
  45. marcus

    Viability after BICEP2 of LQC matter bounce

    I'm hoping that David Horgan will create some supplemental material for this, as he has for several other LQG and CDT papers. The pedagogical supplements help one read and understand the papers. In any case, here's the recent deHaro paper AND the previous one that lays out the LQC matter bounce...
  46. ryanuser

    Photon Collisions: Do They Bounce or Pass Through?

    Do photons bounce off after they hit each other or they just pass through one and another?
  47. M

    Rigid Body Bouncing: How Smooth Surfaces Deform

    Hi guys enlighten me, How can Rigid bodies with smooth surfaces bounce in a collision An example is, drooping a metal sphere on a metal surfaceis there any deformation happening here as in the situation of a basketball ?
  48. P

    Energy conversion efficiency of each bounce

    1. i drop a ball (mass 20 grammes) from a height of 10 meters, after 3 bounces it rises to a height of 2 meters, what is the energy conversion efficiency of each bounce? 2. I've been stuck on this for the last hour and have nothing any help would be great. 3.the closest i got was...
  49. A

    Ball does not bounce automatically because of entropy?

    When reading about entropy it states that ball does not automatically bounce up because of entropy. It is just not favorable. I don't get this. Isn't the correct reason gravity? Ball does not bounce up because of gravity! Where does entropy come from?
  50. K

    MHB How Does Removing the Amplitude Factor Improve Ball Bounce Modelling?

    Hi guys, just an intuitive question I've come across. Quite ambiguous, not sure on the correct response. So basically I'm given a scenario where I'm provided the data of an actual height vs time points of a vertical ball drop and it's bounce up and back down etc. Question starts off where I...