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Big Crunch may create time-reversal?

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    I'm not sure how popular this theory is, but it kind of makes sense to me that as the Universe approaches the Big Crunch time will actually start to reverse. Time will go backwarsds. Is there any evidence that this is possible?

    The space time continuum are one entity, after all. And if the Big Crunch becomes real, then it stands to reason that time will go backwards, right?
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    Impossible, Time can't go backwards only slowed or forwards.
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    Yes, but many scientists believe that the expansion of the Universe was faster than light. Anything that moves faster than light supposedly travels backward in time. So, if the Big Crunch is anything like the Big Bang then time may actually go in reverse due to the FTL compression.
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    This has been suggested before, but, is not a popular idea. Violating the second law of thermodynamics throws causality under the bus.
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    Good point, Chronos. But perhaps the only way we can know for sure is to wait and see...

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    Nothing with a mass can travel faster than the speed of light so Travelling faster than the speed of light and having mass is impossible. one of the main side effects of going that fast is actually having an increased mass, and slowed time. Please correct me if i'm wrong :)
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    The expansion was of space itself, it did not include matter traveling through space greater than c. The matter was carried with the space.
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