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News Bill Moyers tough talk on impeachment.

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    There is good information here, both historical and current. 45% of the people want Bush impeached, 54% want Cheney impeached, yet congress sits on its hands.

    One expert suggests that members of congress are not sufficiently familiar with the constitution. Who is he? He is the conservative who wrote the first articles of impeachment on Clinton.

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    Yeah... great idea - impeach the President and make Congress even LESS effective and productive!

    Wrong. You start the impeachment process for Bush and Cheney and the grinding halt of progress in Congress will be heard across the world.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Impeachment and removal from office would indeed be a message heard around the world - we are still a country of laws, and no one is above the law.
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    yeah, sounds great in principle.... but then we're stuck with nancy pelosi.
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    One of the reason congress is ineffective is because someone is threatening to use his veto all the time.
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    It's also because of all the filibustering on important issues on both sides. They aren't getting anything done because people from each party don't seem to care about the issues... they only care about being on the same side as their party.
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    G'day all,

    Well its very late in the game so its sorta 'why bother now'.
    If a piece like Bill Moyer's "Buying the War" had been seen by a large enough portion of the population-I think even with a republican congress- impeachment of the entire Bush admin wouldn't have been to much.
    It is a good and important piece of journalism like the sort of stuff that we don't get in the media anymore.

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