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Medical Binge drinking - how much of a problem

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    Besides the obvious fact that heavy drinking even in isolated situations may impact your health, how much of a problem is binge drinking in indicating potential addiction problems.
    Ill give you a particular case:

    Heavy drinking for 1 night each 6-8 weeks. By heavy drinking I mean 700-800ml of Vodka / whiskey during 8 hours or so. Always stopping before being "knocked out" by alcohol, and even before you feel sick and have to puke. No alcohol cravings at all for the whole intermediary period. Very little, really close to none, social drinking in between.
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    I think in those situations the acute damage is a bigger issue than the probably-low possibility of addiction.
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    Well I don't want to condone binge drinking on physics forums. But I'd say close to none in your case. You seem to feel like you're in control mentally. It's not that easy to develop a physical dependence without knowing that, for sure, you drink A LOT. You aren't even in the ballpark.
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