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Bio Major - Possible/worthwhile to become MLS(ASCP)?

  1. Mar 24, 2010 #1
    My situation:
    I am 24 years old and currently enrolled at a community college. I did attend college for computer science right out of high school at "real" school, but slacked hard during my second year. Subsequently, I screwed around at a local state school and then took some time off. I realized the error of my ways, remembered my interest in biology, and in the past two years have earned a 3.75 gpa at my cc (should end up more like a 3.9 after this semester, as I am making up a course I did poorly in previously). I will be graduating in May with an A.A. degree from a program designed for those students who wish to transfer to a 4-year school, so I have most of my basic coursework done (except for organic chem which hasn't been offered at my school while I've been there). I haven't heard back from my transfer schools yet, but I will be attending either a small liberal arts college, WPI (the school I went to out of high school), or BU (depending on what I get for scholarships/aid at each one) to finish my Bachelor's in Biology. I do plan on earning at least a Master's in my field at some point and will consider applying to PhD programs after I get some more coursework under my belt. My goal is to work in the biotech industry.

    My question:
    Is it possible for me to become qualified to take the Medical Technologist (ASCP) certification exam while completing my Biology degree? If it is possible, is it a worthwhile pursuit? My reasoning is that I would like to have the option of being a MT as a fallback career if biotech or some sort of academic position doesn't pan out. Depending on which degree I end up aiming for, I could be over 30 by the time I start a career and I don't want to ever risk being without a job for long. If I do become a researcher, MT per diem work would be a sweet option to have as well. I know some might tell me that a job isn't a good reason to earn a specific degree or certification, but I'm really just trying to be prudent. My passion is biology, but I could make myself happy doing anything sciency.

    Thank you for any advice!
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  3. Mar 24, 2010 #2
    I don't have any advice for you via your question but I would like to comment that it's great that you're considering backup plans. My two good friends just graduated with biology degrees (one specialized in cellular & molecular, one in ecology & evolution ) and they are in panic mode trying to find a job... neither wanted to get a BSc so they are applying at every likely venue without success right now.
  4. Mar 31, 2010 #3
    Any further help?
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