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Major is a military rank of commissioned officer status, with corresponding ranks existing in many military forces throughout the world.

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  1. mariahlorean

    uhhhh physics major (?)

    I’m a physics major (going to be a junior in the august) that would like to go into astrophysics!! I picked physics for a major bc i like knowing how things in our world work + i’m especially interested in space. I lowkey am just seeing where the wind blows me so I really don’t even have a fully...
  2. T

    Engineering physics + mechatronics engineering Double Major?

    Do you know if it is possible in some university to graduate with a double major of engineering physics and mechatronics engineering?
  3. S

    New Physics Major

    I’m a physics major in college looking to get into the nuclear energy field
  4. C

    ChemE Major

    Hello! I am currently a chemical engineering major. I love all of my class but I am struggling in Physics
  5. warisulimam

    Hello, I'm a Physics Major

    Hi there! My name's Waris and I'll be starting a physics degree in a few months. I've been independently studying undergrad material for about three years. I was out of practice for a while because of some issues at high school but I'm working to get back on track. I would love to participate...
  6. JJcika

    What are the benefits of using online forums for physics majors?

    I'm a physics major at central washington university, and this forum looks like something I might be using from time to time :) nice to meet everyone!
  7. C

    Optimal study schedule for physics and math major

    I have read online that the optimal amount of time to study for is 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute break and repeat. Dose anybody else please know of a good study schedule? Many thanks!
  8. G

    Programs Should I major in Physics & Astronomy or Physics & Math?

    I'm currently in my first year of a combined major in Physics and Astronomy. I'm hoping to study theoretical cosmology, and get a PhD in physics. I've been told it would be wise to get a double major in Physics and Math if I wish to study theory, but would it also be wise to get a combined major...
  9. carterhanan

    Which Comp Sci Degree Should I Choose for Better Earnings?

    TL;DR Summary: I need help choosing which degree to pursue. Read detailed part and cast a vote. If you feel like telling me some other things to consider please do! Hello I am a sophomore at the University of Arkansas. I did a whole year of Business before switching to Comp Sci. I am...
  10. Kalebh03

    Courses Freshman Physics Major Struggles in University Course

    I'm currently a freshman physics major coming into university from an early college high school, so I was lucky enough to have some experience taking college level physics courses before I came to university. I didn't think that those courses were rigorous enough in comparison to what I've heard...
  11. Thai

    Which Major Should I Choose for Astrophysics Professor Career?

    Summary: Should I major in math, physics, or astrophysics? Hello. I want to be an astrophysics professor someday. Does anyone have experience on whether I should be a math major, or a physics major, or an astrophysics major? And whether I should get B.A or a B.S? Thank you.
  12. I

    Engineering What is the best major for working with semiconductors?

    It'll soon be time for me to choose my major. I was looking for either an Electrical Engineering or a Computer Engineering major, with a minor in maths. What would be the best to work with semiconductor assemblies, in production or in R&D? And what exactly is the difference between EE and CE...
  13. Hamiltonian

    Admissions Is it realistic to go from an undeclared major to a comp sci major?

    I have been accepted into the comp sci program at the University of California Santa Cruz(UCSC) and as an undeclared major at the University of California San Diego(UCSD). UCSD is ranked higher than UCSC, but UCSC is known for having a pretty good computer science department. If I had gotten the...
  14. A

    Robotics applications in Major Events & Functions

    Humanoid Robots. Just requiring your thoughts on this. Major events,functions example Weddings, Birthday, Anniversary celebrations, Cricket, Football live match etc are captured using Video camera/s with Humans performing the function with later on the captured recorded video is edited with...
  15. B

    Orientation of Major Axis for polarized light

    Case 1 worked out great, I found it to be linearly polarized light at an angle ##\alpha = \frac{\pi}{4}##, but Case 2 is giving me trouble. As best I can tell, ##\alpha## is undefined in case 2. How do I solve case 2?
  16. W

    Why is engineering the toughest major (for me)?

    I'm in my 2nd semester in the 2nd year of college and I'm very perplexed. I'm learning a lot of physics and chemistry subjects and I can solve them using the mathematical apparatus but I just can't explain them in real life. In chemistry I can understand a few concepts about some chemical...
  17. J

    Major or minor -- Which do you find more pleasing?

    Which triad sounds most pleasing to you? I personally find minor chords as having a very resonant sound. Some find Major chords as being the more resonant ( this group views minor chords as dissonant ) No right or wrong answer here. I am just curious as to others views.
  18. jim mcnamara

    Huge mountain chains associated with major evolutionary changes.

    https://phys.org/news/2022-02-supermountains-evolution-life-earth.html Paper: Ziyi Zhu et al, The temporal distribution of Earth's supermountains and their potential link to the rise of atmospheric oxygen and biological evolution, Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2022). DOI...
  19. wild_boffin

    Courses Pure physics vs. adding a math major?

    I’m sure I’m not the first to ask about this but I could use some advice from the internet: I am a sophomore lost in the world and somewhat recently decided I was going to major in physics with my eyes on grad school. I am on track to get a math minor but I am weighing the trade-offs of picking...
  20. kyphysics

    Has Anyone Ever Taken a Drug Causing Major Psychological Problem?

    I took prednisone and it seemed to have caused some weird psychological side effects. It's scary and embarrassing and I don't want to discuss it too much right now (although open to doing so later in the thread possibly). I'm just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and then...
  21. shivajikobardan

    Python Which project should I choose for a final year major project?

    My criteria for choosing this project-: 1) Should be easy. 2) Should be doable in 1.5 months. 3) Should not to be too easy and should be just hard enough to be a major project. 4) It is a group project but since this is nepal lol mainly 1 person is going to do it. max 2 persons will do this...
  22. MidgetDwarf

    Geometry Any major difference between editions of Geometry David Brannan?

    Are there any major difference between the first and second edition of Geometry, by David Brannan. Besides price of course.
  23. Falgun

    Schools University Search for a Physics Major

    I will be applying to schools for a physics major in about a year or so. And so far my list of Unis consists of ridiculously competitive schools. Of course I realize that this is not realistic for most if not all people. I know about the extraordinary schools like MIT, Princeton, etc. But I was...
  24. C

    Applied Physics Degree: Is It Misleading to Employers?

    Summary:: I don't know I can say I have an "Applied Physics" degree, hoping for an engineering job. I am majoring in Computer Science & Physics with an Applied Concentration at my school. This essentially the Applied Concentration is dependent on the electives that I take in my Physics major...
  25. B

    Other Working in a biology lab for a physics/biophysics major

    I was wondering if it is of any value for someone interested in physics/Biophysics grad school and a Biophysics career to be working in a biology lab? I'm an undergraduate physics major concentrating in biophysics in the US and I have an offer to work in a cancer biology lab. It's very much...
  26. phyzguy

    Major Nuclear Fusion Milestone: Ignition Achieved

    https://phys.org/news/2021-08-major-nuclear-fusion-milestone-ignition.html Anybody know any more? Like what they did differently from earlier trials.
  27. graphking

    Admissions Can I change my major from "physical geography" to "math"?

    Hello guys on PF, thanks for your attention. I am an undergraduated student from "Peking University", which is a top 2 university in China (There are two best university in China, the other one is Tsinghua University), that is a good university. But my major is not a popular major, which is...
  28. E

    Programs I chose math instead of physics. Was it a mistake?

    Long story short, my career goals are to work as a researcher/research scientist in machine learning or to develop models/algorithms for forecasting such as in financial markets or otherwise. Fundamentally, I find think this is quite similar to physics as a science, but that is for another...
  29. babylonsashes

    Courses Which math course should I take (as a physics major)?

    I am entering my third year as a physics major, I have space for around 2 math courses this term and I plan on taking 2 from these courses: - Introduction to Analysis II - Functional Analysis - Introduction to the Calculus of Variations - Algebra I I am pretty sure I will take Analysis II...
  30. hellow0rld

    Programs General Engineering/Chemistry/Biosciences/Physics - what to choose?

    Hey, I have some trouble deciding between 4 courses at the University of Sheffield (I am applying late, but there are still vacancies on all of these courses and as far as I know I can get a place at anyone of them). All of these courses are Foundation Year (FY) courses (they include an...
  31. R

    Programs Should I continue on with a physics major?

    Intro: I have just completed my first year in college as a physics major. My first semester I had some issues with scheduling classes so I have only completed the course called Physics 1 despite attending school for a whole year. This course covered one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion...
  32. M

    Courses How much CS as a physics major does one need?

    My son is a rising college freshman who is majoring in physics (and thinking about adding a second major in math). He also has an interest in computer science and programming. Through his own research he's discovered that a lot of the day-to-day work of academic and professional physicists...
  33. Philip551

    Preparing for a Physics Degree: The Role of Programming in High School

    How can a high school student prepare for a physics degree with programming. i.e. which programming language, what packages?
  34. R

    Programs What graduate major deals the most with radiometry?

    I'm currently a sophomore physics major in undergraduate. I'm doing physics because I want my undergrad education to be really general. I want a goof foundation. What I'm really interested in is radiometry, which I believe is like optics but for all wavelengths, not just visible ones. I want to...
  35. torito_verdejo

    Recommended mathematical courses for a Physics major

    Hi, you all, I am an undegrad Physics student and I'm choosing my optional courses for my third year. I'm looking for advice (or opinions, if you prefer) since I'm not sure what of the following mathematical, optional courses would be more "beneficial" (I know this term is abstract) to my...
  36. T

    Major Depression Relieved within a Week with Magic Mushrooms

    "This randomized clinical trial found that psilocybin-assisted therapy was efficacious in producing large, rapid, and sustained antidepressant effects in patients with major depressive disorder." https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapsychiatry/fullarticle/2772630 Apparently the Natives had...
  37. atyy

    How Does Bryson DeChambeau's Physics Background Affect His Golf Game?

    I don't play golf. but this caught my eye. https://www.bbc.com/sport/golf/54229887 US Open 2020: Bryson DeChambeau storms to first major title at Winged Foot, New York "DeChambeau's unique methods have divided opinion since he turned professional in 2016. Fans find them innovative, critics call...
  38. Ravenhaven

    Other Is Major GPA More Important Than Cumulative GPA for Graduate School Admissions?

    How much does having a lower total gpa hurt you in the graduate school application process? For example, my overall gpa is a 3.7 but I've been getting all A's in my math/physics classes so my major gpa is a 4.0
  39. N

    Math Prospective math major, best way to good jobs?

    I am from Ireland and I am currently waiting on my Leaving Cert results (exam results that are used by colleges when making offers to prospective students). I want to study mathematics. Today I decided to take a look at the modules that the college offers (the college I am hoping to be accepted...
  40. I

    Programs Physics Major with Stats/Data Analysis Minor (Is this a good combo?)

    I am an incoming university freshman in the U.S. who wants to major in physics but also wants to add a minor that will help build some more applicable skills. As the title suggests, I am looking for some insight into a stats/data analysis minor since a close friend of mine majored in applied...
  41. ambivalent_chemicist

    Programs Major in Chemistry or Physics?

    As with probably a lot of pure science undergrads, my dream goal is to become a researcher, academia or industry. As far as I know at the moment, I'm interested in the area of research that straddles physics and chemistry, and I'm not sure which one I should major in. Should I major in chemistry...
  42. Vividly

    Programs Which Major Should I Choose: Physics or Mechanical Engineering?

    Im confused on which major I should choose in college. I believe the dilemma is between Mechanical engineering and Physics. What I want to be able to do in the future is theorize With research I have done about certain ideas then actually apply those theories with my hands and invent something...
  43. G

    Math Should I do a computer science or math major?

    I am currently pursuing a computer science degree and am considering if I should switch to a math major. I just finished sophomore year of college , but I am transferring universities, and the way the credits transfer, it would take me 3 more years to get the CS degree but only 2 more for the...
  44. fissifizz

    Programs Should I double major in CS and Physics?

    Hello physics forums! I'm currently a 3rd year student in college studying Computer Science. I first declared Physics as my major and stuck with the course sequence until I finished the Quantum Mechanics series (so I effectively have a minor), but after that I had some doubts about my future in...
  45. cwill53

    Programs Double Major in Electrical Engineering and Physics?

    I’m a freshman in undergrad and I currently attend the University of Illinois at Chicago. I major in electrical engineering but I have an extremely strong interest in physics, chemistry, and materials science. UIC doesn’t have a materials science program, but George Crabtree, a highly cited...
  46. cellist542

    Programs What is the best major or double major for Nuclear Fusion research?

    I might be interested in researching nuclear fusion reactors after college. What majors or double majors would be best suited for this career path? Physics, nuclear engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc?
  47. Zaya Bell

    Testing How to perform a major physics experiment at home

    Hello there, I am a physics undergraduate and one trying to be very practical. I try to study a lot, to understand the principles and everything and get how all this knowledge came to existence. However, except for the little and not-very-modern experiments we carry out in our school I have no...
  48. cellist542

    Programs Engineering Triple Major (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science)

    I am currently an ambitious sophomore in high school aspiring to become an engineer. Generally, I love physics, chemistry, biology, and I'm interested in computer science. I am interested in aeronautical, biomedical, chemical, electrical, environmental, computer, mechanical, materials, nuclear...
  49. Captain Kneecaps

    Programs Pure maths or applied maths as a second major to physics

    I am currently in my second year of studying a bachelor in physics and applied maths. My aim is to one day do research in physics. I am particularly interested in subjects such as gauge theories, AdS/CFT and gravity. My question is whether it would be more beneficial to switch from studying...
  50. H

    Math What are the challenges faced by disillusioned math majors in finding a job?

    I graduated with a MS in math in August 2018 and I having trouble finding a job. I will write in bullet point to make my journey more clear. -I have MS mathematics high gpa -I have bs in mathematic with a minor in cs high gpa -graduated last year in August with my MS -spent close to 7 years in...