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Biology help Please check if iam right

  1. Nov 27, 2009 #1
    HI.. can you check if i am right

    this is a true OR false problem

    the answers i got:

    T, F T F T T T F F T

    11) The free energy of glucose is exactly matched by the total free energy of the ATPs generated in
    glycolysis and respiration.
    12) Unabated at the current rate, cyclic photosynthesis will one day convert all available planetary water
    into oxygen.
    13) The oxygen generated by photosynthesis is coupled with the removal of electrons from water
    in PSI.
    14) Plants perform photosynthesis and do not use oxygen as a terminal electron sink in
    15) RUBISCO is optimally evolved to work in an oxygen atmosphere.
    16) The chlorophyll A molecules of the two photosystems are chemically different which causes
    their difference in absorbance spectra.
    17) The large + Delta G of life (all life collectively) is ultimately made positive with the energy of light.
    18) Proton gradients provide the energy for ATP production in both glycolysis and photosynthesis.
    19) The protons of the thylakoid space come entirely from protons that once were in the stroma
    20) Most, if not all, of the valence electrons on the carbon atoms in your body were recently
    in a water molecule (recently: meaning non-geologic time).

    Thanks. . plz help me =o
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