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Biopolymer in tissue engineering

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    hi every one
    I am looking for any information about biopolymer used in tissue repairing
    Like polylactic acid and how to prepare it for implantation?
    How to make it reactive to become able to proliferation?

    Can any one help me plz
    I am really really desperate
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    Have you attempted a literature search yet? There should be tons of articles on this topic considering these are subjects that have been studied AT LEAST since I was a grad student (one of my friends was working on biopolymers as scaffolds for ligament repair).

    If you haven't done so yet, do a search at Pubmed for your topic.

    Is this for a paper for a class?
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    thanks for your help
    You are right
    I found a lot of articles on this topic but not what I am looking for
    I am looking for the polymer itself
    The professor talked about the steps for making the polymer suitable for tissue repairing
    Like add a protein to produce DNA and adhesive material
    I cant find any thing talk about that
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    I'm not entirely clear on what you're asking for (this is well outside my own area of expertise). Are you trying to understand the chemistry of how to prepare the polymers, or are you trying to find something on how the polymers work with biological tissues...or both? I realize this is a field that bridges both biology and chemistry as well as engineering fields (my friend who did this research was a biomedical engineer, but did much of her research within a chemistry department). So, I'm asking partly to help clarify the problem so we might get others to help more, and partly to determine if you might get more helpful responses in the chemistry forum rather than biology forum (if so, I can move this thread to chemistry). If moved, I'll leave a permanent redirect so it continues to get the attention of biologists as well.
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    I am looking for how to prepare the polymer and kind of polymer used
    I think you are right it is beter to move it to to chemistry

    thanks for your help
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    thanks but I could not find what i am looking for
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