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Black hole has a partiuclar fixed volume

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    for example take two halves of a black hole as m1 and m2. since we told black hole has no volume so we take distance between the two halves as 0. by newtons laws of gravitation the force of gravitation between the halves is infinite. that is the black hole can shrink the universe to a dimensionless point which is absurd.
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    Who said a black hole has no volume? That is false. The singularity, if it is a real thing and not simply a mathematical concept, has no volume and infinite density, not the black hole itself.

    Shivakumar, this is the 2nd post of yours I've responded to and both have been incorrect. Are you here to learn, or to make incorrect assertions? Please ask questions about something if you want to know more about it.
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    sir i misunderstood the concept that i read. i was thrilled that i found something new:)but actually was wrong.yes i am interested in learning more about science. i would be happy to know more and more from you.
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    The putative 'singularity' at the core of a black hole is widely believed to be a mathematical artifact due to incomplete modeling by general relativity, not a physically meaningful aspect of reality.
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