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Black hole ?

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    Lets say i had a black hole out in space , and then i had another black hole made out of anti-matter , and they came together after they annihilated each other and produced photons , would the photons kind of orbit each other because they could not escape the intense G field , i realize this would be hard to setup but lets just say that we could get two black holes to do this ,
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    They will simply merge
    It is irrelevant if they are made of matter or antimatter.
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    yes but wont they produce photons ,
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    What you forget is that matter is in heavy trouble inside a Black Hole. Everything (yes, everything, including photons) is bound to end up in the "singularity" in a very short time. There is no more matter or antimatter or photons, there's just this single point where all our theories have nothing to say.
    So, when two black holes merge, at no time there will be photons orbiting inside the horizon.
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    And even without singularity, at very very very high temperatures there is no difference between matter and antimatter.
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    interesting , thanks for your responses .
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    2 blackholes with similar size would merge but in case where is first bigger then second ,second would be consumed by the first one , making it bigger and stronger with imense G force
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